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  • Rebel with a cause - that of spicing up the role of Doctor Who. My favourite Who actor.

    Ever since I saw Jon Pertwee in 'Spearhead From Space', the first of the 3rd Doctor stories, I was transfixed. He brought a new panashe to the role, making the Doctor a man of action and a snappy dresser, the only man who could get away with wearing a frilly shirt apart for Jimi Hendrix. His sense of humour was second to none and this combined with a great ability to mimic voices moved Dr Who into a new exciting area. He is a great loss and is sadly missed. I just love rewatching the DVDs and every episode still moves me.

    The Doctor Who did it for me! Until he regenerated into that scarf wearing hippie! Oooo this guy made a creepy Doctor! And I remember when he lost his head to Aunt Sally! And when he hosted Whodoneit... You're sadly missed Mr Pertwee!!! Note: I believe his brother 'Bill Pertwee' was in Dad's Army.