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  • Interesting Fact

    Jon Stewart knew how to address comedy in a political sphere rather easily. More importantly, he understood how to make the show fun, interesting, and those around him want to come to work and vice versa. He is a social comedic genius that understood that people needed to be stood up for while others needed to be chastized.

    One thing I never realized though until I started researching was that Daily Show Jon Stewart was a chemistry major in college before he changed over into psychology for some time.
  • Great.

    Funny. Good actor.
  • just another actor who thinks he is a politician, and tells people who can't think for themselves what to think.

    He basically says one sided jokes, and shows the close minded ignorance of Hollywood liberals who don't live in reality, but think that because they make millions a year and have access to a tv camera that they can tell everyone else how to think. This is a sad time for America with these people on here. The funny thing is he says well it's only parody, yet look at some of these comments on here they say he exposes hypocrisy, I say he creates his own hypocrisy. He can't even admit that he is just there for propaganda and hides behind the fact that it's entertainment, when he knows well there are ignorant people who take his words seriously. I used to be a hige fan of John's during standup and other shows he has had but he is just part of the problem not the solution, and people who take his jokes as facts need to examine there lives, because that is pretty lame and sad.
  • perfect

    I have seen The Daily Show before, and I have seen him guest appear on The Simpsons, and the man is pretty funny. He mocks different aspects of politics, and he does so in a pretty humorous way. I hope he does the Daily Show for years to come. He is pretty funny and he seems like a nice guy (even though he mocks politics, that is the whole point of his career, and he does it in a somewhat nice way, as nice a way as you can). Great comedian, I want to see more of him in the future! A+
  • I think the man is a comic genius; I always have...

    ...but after watching his "interview" with, a.k.a. decimation of Cramer last week I now think he's a genius: Period!
    As effective as he is when taking a guest apart with comic barbs and insightful jabs...but jabs nonetheless...he is absolutely deadly when he does the same with deadpan seriousness. He is intelligent and insightful and articulate, and whether you agree with him or not (I usually do, though not always) you have to acknowledge his grip on world issues.
    He's very entertaining as well as thought provoking when his "grip" is tightly on someone's (figurative) delicate bits, but he's a work of art when he's dead serious.
    Oh, and P.S. Jon: yes, Canada gas a "guestbook", and a "pre-game show" is okay with me too...after all, thats all I watch of...I dunno...say, The Oscars??!! ;o}
  • A very talented man who can be funny, but can also be professional when needed.

    The Daily Show, like any talk show is not always hilarious, and is often silly. Jon Stewart's routine is fairly similar night to night, and they usually drive a topic into the ground. I usually won't watch his show regularly because each show is pretty similar. Jon Stewart however is a very good host, and is very funny. He has had some great interviews with some very powerful people, and he has a good touch with knowing when something should be left alone. He knows when to talk and when to let his guest talk. Usually his opening monologue is at least entertaining, and he has enough charisma to keep the show rolling when the writing gets a little weak.
  • Basically, I think Stewart and Colbert are as biased as the media that they mock,and I am saddened.

    I'm very disappointed with Stewart and Colbert. I have always been a big fan of Stewart's. I have even been giving his book to all of my patients (along with a toothbrush) for a long time. I even have a 'Jon Stewart for president' poster in my office, and once went to the Cowgirl diner that he frequents 3 days in a row just to see him, but he didn't show. But his recent (and obvious) unfair treatment of Senator Clinton has really upset me. Tonight he took Obama's words and made them seem like they were taken out of context, when he was using the exact words!?, and twisted things around and made her the bad. This is not the first time he's done something like this. He frequently, along with Colbert, says things that are rude to a woman or a man, but only about her. He never! insults Obama in that way. I think they are both sexists and I can't believe they would taint things with such obvious bias things like that, especially when they know that these sheep who watch his show develop their opinions from him. I realize that she acts a little cheesy and seems like a phony politician sometimes, but at least Senator Clinton cares about her country. What Jon Stewart is doing is far worse than anything that he claims Rivera ever did,and, at the end of the day, he can paint this any way he wants, but it makes him a hpocrit... and I will not watch his show anymore... A disappointed ex fan..:(
  • empty

    Jon Stewart is an excellent host for the Daily Show. His jokes are simply brilliant and exposes the hypocrisy and insanity of our current administration at a time when it is sorely needed. Jon Stewart also beats most TV personalities by being able to be serious when he needs to be. The intro to his show the day after 9/11 is one of the genuinely moving moments on TV.
  • Jon Stewart

    Jon Stewart is a great pick for host of the Daily Show. He has experience in Comedy as a stand up comic. He has unsuccessful experience as an actor. he seems to have found his stride in being host of The Daily Show. Conan O'Brien was quoted as saying about Stewart and Colbert " These two have done for fake news as Fox News has done for fake news. " Which i think the only difference is that at least Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert admit that they do fake news. so in my book atleast these two are honest.
  • Funniest smart man or smartest funny man? I say both!!

    The most entertaining personality in TV, he makes life in the US bearable. Besides being incredibly entertaining, he is also relevant. While he is simply written off as a comic, at least he has the guts to say the things he says, because no one outside of comedy dares to. So until some people with power, who seem to be taken so seriously by everyone else, start saying what is really happening, at least we have Jon Stewart four nights a week saying it.
  • Freaking smart, cool, funny, and overall awesome!

    When I first saw The Daily Show, I was in love with him and I still am. He is the definition of what a host should be and well, should also look like. lol But anyways, he is one of my role models, and he is totally awesome, to the extrene.
  • Jon Stewart it so funny. His show, the Daily Show with Jon Stewart, is one of the best shows on television. He is perfect on that show. He is extremely funny and is also intelligent.

    Jon Stewart it so funny. His show, the Daily Show with Jon Stewart, is one of the best shows on television. He is perfect on that show. He is extremely funny and is also intelligent.

    I have seem him in TV shows and movies and he might not be the best actor, but he is a great comedian. I love watching the Daily Show, mainly because of Jon Stewart, one of the funniest men on television.