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  • just another actor who thinks he is a politician, and tells people who can't think for themselves what to think.

    He basically says one sided jokes, and shows the close minded ignorance of Hollywood liberals who don't live in reality, but think that because they make millions a year and have access to a tv camera that they can tell everyone else how to think. This is a sad time for America with these people on here. The funny thing is he says well it's only parody, yet look at some of these comments on here they say he exposes hypocrisy, I say he creates his own hypocrisy. He can't even admit that he is just there for propaganda and hides behind the fact that it's entertainment, when he knows well there are ignorant people who take his words seriously. I used to be a hige fan of John's during standup and other shows he has had but he is just part of the problem not the solution, and people who take his jokes as facts need to examine there lives, because that is pretty lame and sad.