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  • Basically, I think Stewart and Colbert are as biased as the media that they mock,and I am saddened.

    I'm very disappointed with Stewart and Colbert. I have always been a big fan of Stewart's. I have even been giving his book to all of my patients (along with a toothbrush) for a long time. I even have a 'Jon Stewart for president' poster in my office, and once went to the Cowgirl diner that he frequents 3 days in a row just to see him, but he didn't show. But his recent (and obvious) unfair treatment of Senator Clinton has really upset me. Tonight he took Obama's words and made them seem like they were taken out of context, when he was using the exact words!?, and twisted things around and made her the bad. This is not the first time he's done something like this. He frequently, along with Colbert, says things that are rude to a woman or a man, but only about her. He never! insults Obama in that way. I think they are both sexists and I can't believe they would taint things with such obvious bias things like that, especially when they know that these sheep who watch his show develop their opinions from him. I realize that she acts a little cheesy and seems like a phony politician sometimes, but at least Senator Clinton cares about her country. What Jon Stewart is doing is far worse than anything that he claims Rivera ever did,and, at the end of the day, he can paint this any way he wants, but it makes him a hpocrit... and I will not watch his show anymore... A disappointed ex fan..:(