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  • I think the man is a comic genius; I always have...

    ...but after watching his "interview" with, a.k.a. decimation of Cramer last week I now think he's a genius: Period!
    As effective as he is when taking a guest apart with comic barbs and insightful jabs...but jabs nonetheless...he is absolutely deadly when he does the same with deadpan seriousness. He is intelligent and insightful and articulate, and whether you agree with him or not (I usually do, though not always) you have to acknowledge his grip on world issues.
    He's very entertaining as well as thought provoking when his "grip" is tightly on someone's (figurative) delicate bits, but he's a work of art when he's dead serious.
    Oh, and P.S. Jon: yes, Canada gas a "guestbook", and a "pre-game show" is okay with me too...after all, thats all I watch of...I dunno...say, The Oscars??!! ;o}