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  • Great actor and has great talent!

    No boy toy he is as he is a great
    Actor and love him as Kyra Sedgwick's FBI Agent Boyfriend
    In "The Closure!" Glad to see him finally get recognition after years of obscurity.
    During the time he went through a divorce with Teri Hatcher, who's fame has now far and beyond elicipse her own Lois and Clark fame on Desparate Housewives!
    Very handsome and hope to see him for many more years to come!
  • I can see why Jon has been in so many successful performances. He is a true professional, and I admire his talent. He is great in The Closer.

    Joh is perfect as Kyra's patient husband - he obviously must care for her a great deal, to put up with all her idiosyncracies. I am looking forward to seeing this next series, but very disappointed to know that this will be the end. However, I do not believe anyone could ever replace any of these performers in their roles, so if it has to end, at least it will be going out in style. I love the thinking Kyra does to come to her solutions of the crimes, but also love the comedy provided mostly by the two inept detectives!