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  • A brilliant writer.

    If you're looking for the most talented simpsons writer, here is your answer. He's smart. He's talented. Overall he's a brilliant writer. He not only holds the record for the second most prelific Simpsons writer, but he has also been a writer on King of the Hill and SNL, and consulted on the movies, ice age 1 & 2, Robots and others, he is my favourite writer and I think he should create his own series, after the two movies he has written, The Simpsons Movie & Alvin & the chipmunks come out, it would be brilliant and would probaply last for ten years or so. He is a very funny man who has accomplished lots and I feel he must have a wide range of fans.
  • A really great Simpsons writer.

    When it comes to Jon Vitti and writing Simpsons epsisodes he takes the crown next to John Swatzwelder. Jon has wrote episodes like Bart's Dog Gets An F, The Crepes Of Wrath, Cape Feare, Black Widower; you get the point. I just don't know whats people complanint about the episode Jon wrote last year (Sleeping With The Enemy) I had no problems with it, infact it wasbest episode of Season 16. Common lets have more Jon Vitti writen epidoses back with The Simpsons.