Jon Wellner

Jon Wellner


7/11/1975, Evanston, Illinois, USA

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John Wellner
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  • I enjoyed the past-Bob/Gilligan, whom Mr. Wellner portrayed in Surviving Gilligan's Island, which actors Bob Denver, Dawn Wells and Russell Johnson hosted, showing reenactments of building and creating the ever-so hit comedy short-lived comedy G.I.moreless

    As for anyone "stepping into" Bob's shoes, I am so glad Jon Wellner was chosen. He was true to the role and brought out the shy, yet caring and funny Bob Denver. He was recreating, not mimicking or imitating, fail to be believable, like some actors do. If Gilligan's Island weren't created til 2001, I would definitely love to see Jon as the title role! Since it was born in 1963, I thank you, Sherwood, for bringing it to Bob Denver, who was the ideal Gilligan. If there will ever be a Castaways Second Generation, I vote for Jon to be Willy Gilligan, Jr. or whatever name they would give him. What a great tribute that would be!moreless
  • Jon is so cute and talented. Hope to see a lot more of him on Csi!!

    I have seen all of Jon\'s appearances on various telivision shows. He is so talented, and funny!! I look forward to seeing a whole lot more of him on CSI. He is such an awesome addition to the show. I think he is definitely an actor to keep your eyes on.