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    • [On if he ever got in trouble at school]
      Jonah Hill: I never got into crazy trouble, because the principal of my high school really liked me. My teachers would get pissed and send me to his office, but when I got there, he would be laughing, like, 'What did you do this time, man?' He couldn't wait to hear about it. I would tell him what I did and he'd say, 'That's hilarious. OK, go back to class.'

    • Jonah Hill: I became friends with Dustin Hoffman's kids Jake and Becky, who are great. We just randomly became friends. They introduced me to their dad, Dustin, and whenever he came to town we would all just kind of hang out. Dustin thought I was really funny and, he got me an audition for the movie I Heart Huckabees.

    • Jonah Hill: Writing is as big a part of my career as acting is, financially and time wise. So, yeah, I love it. That's all I wanted to do since I was young was be a writer. So that and acting are the two most important aspects of my career. I love it. I'm lucky enough to write movies as a job! I just feel really blessed and can't believe it's happening.

    • [On what he finds funny]
      Jonah Hill: I find things that happened in real life to be the funniest -- things that you observe instead of crazy abstract things, you know. So little social interactions that are uncomfortable, the smaller things are more funny to me, and I feel like why wouldn't you write about something that happened to you? Because funny, uncomfortable things happen to me multiple times a day, as far as feeling uncomfortable or out of place.

    • Jonah Hill: It's harder to be funny if you're handsome than if you're very normal-looking. It's just more relatable. You're the underdog. I mean it's funny to see people struggle, and you don't buy that Brad Pitt is struggling, you know that guy could be the most skill-less guy in the world, but if you look like that you will be fine for the rest of your life.

    • Jonah Hill: Before I met Judd [Apatow], basically, every moment was auditioning and stuff like that. I've been so lucky that it didn't take me a decade as opposed to a few years to have some success.

    • Jonah Hill: People think that once you're in movies your life changes in a crazy way. It really doesn't. If you choose to have it change in a crazy way, it will. I have my same groups of friends I was friends with in high school. We're all a bunch of really normal guys.

    • Jonah Hill: I am not a superlecherous guy. I usually enjoy having a girlfriend as opposed to dating a variety of women. I'm a nice Jewish boy.