Jonas Armstrong

Jonas Armstrong


1/1/1981, Dublin, Ireland

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Jonas Armstrong


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He was born in Ireland but raised in St. Annes, Lancashire, England and educated at Arnold School in Blackpool, England. He graduated from the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (RADA) in 2003, where he performed in productions including Twelfth Night, The Caucasian Chalk Circle, The Crucible and Ulysses.…more


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    • Jonas: Listen,this is hilarious. I had a mate ring me from America. He tells me he's sitting in a cafe in Times Square with his missus when who goes past on a bus? Me! I'm, like, get ta f---!
      My mug is flying around on the side of buses in New York ... and if they can't deal with the accents let them make their own Robin Hood!

    • Jonas: (About Keith Allen)It's one of the best parts, if not the best part. You've got so much to go off and Keith just goes for it hell for leather. He's got a bit of a reputation in England as a hellraiser but he's very pleasant, sound. He's got a mouth on him and everything but he's brilliant. He's great to work opposite and he's a fantastic sheriff. The show wouldn't be the same without him as sheriff. And he loves it.

    • Jonas: (About the Robin Hood series)There are great battle sequences, chase sequences, horse sequences. It's a modern take on an ancient tale. I think people will be eager to see how they've updated it and if it's still relevant in today's world. There are also hints of what's happening today without shoving it down your throat.

    • Jonas: I'd heard through the grapevine that the BBC were doing Robin Hood and I was sitting in the pub with a few mates in the business talking about who we thought was going to get cast and coming up with all these established names. I remember thinking, 'F---ing hell. Imagine if I got an audition for Robin Hood.'
      Lo and behold, I get this call not long before I was due to go to India for work and my agent said I'd got a meeting for Robin Hood. I said, 'Oh, great. For what part?' She said, 'Robin Hood.' I just laughed down the phone. 'Don't be daft,' I said. 'There's no way in hell.' I mean, I'm quite a slight guy and they're going to be looking for some six-foot-three guy, chisel-featured, blond, golden wavy hair down to his shoulders. You know, a massive meaty fellah.

    • Jonas: (On the Robin Hood cast) Because we are all of a similar age, most of us are kind of guys in our twenties, and Gordon Kennedy who plays Little John, he's a bit older but he's great. So there isn't really seperation, we all kind of go out together and Budapest has got a good nightlife for bars and clubs and stuff so we do that. Also there's the spas and the thermal spas which we go to as well.

    • Jonas: The horse riding, the horse riding was tough because due to all the repitition, because you're getting on the horse every day and you body isn't, you know. Your legs and your buttocks aren't like leather yet so you do get a bit tender, you get bruised on the underside. So that was the most difficult thing but it's great because you see your progression and that is quite satisfying.

    • Jonas: (On Robin Hood) I've been lucky, thank God, that i haven't been injured. A few of the people have been injured, Keith had an accident with a horse and Sam Troughton, who plays Much, he falls over quite a lot, he's gotten better. And Harry ran into a jug a few weeks ago, a leather jug in some scene and he had to go to hospital. He split all his eye open and had to get stitches and everything else. That kind of stuff is involved and you can't moan about it. You can't moan that you have t run down a hill in the forest where there is stones and stuff, you can't think like that because the nature of the show, you've got to get in and dirty with it.

    • Jonas: (On Robin Hood) It is only the stunts that are quite dangerous for instance, in the first episode, Robin does a backflip off the roof of a barn and that kind of thing isn't me. Anything that is dangerous or risky that isn't me but other fight sequences ad all the horse riding and everything else, that's me.

    • Jonas: (On Robin Hood) The thing about the way this part of Robin is written is that he isn't just a do-gooder, he has got bad characteristics, he isn't a flawless kind of hero.

    • Jonas: (On Robin Hood) Iwas in India when my agent phoned and said I got the part

    • Jonas: (On Robin Hood) I was ecstatic when I found out I got the part, and it was a shock.

    • Jonas: (After being asked that if the story about Hungarian theives stealing film tape was true or a publicity stunt) t really did happen because we started reshooting some of the scenes. It's hard to go back and try to do stuff if you think you've done it well the first time -but thank God it got sorted out. The people got caught and the tapes were recovered.

    • Jonas: (After being asked if he was better at fighting after Robin Hood) Much better. The Hungarian stuntmen are as hard as nails and want you to hit them. They've got the padding on but they want you to actually hit them so they can react properly. Sometimes you're worried they'll smack you back but they never do.

    • Jonas: (When asked if he can shoot an apple off someones head) No, but I can hit a tree from a bit of a distance -that's about it.

    • Jonas: (On the Robin Hood audition) I'm always polite in auditions but I wasn't like Oh, please give me the job for Robin Hood because I didn't think I'd get it. I got told about the audition just a few days before I went to India to film something else. I must have been a bit cocky with it. I went into the casting room and perched myself on the desk rather than standing there nodding. I didn't think I had a chance in hell but there you go.

    • Jonas: I have thought about it. You know when you accept a role like this - I was told that they were going to push it as a big show for the BBC, and you realise that your face is going to be known and things are going to be different. But you just try and take it as it comes.

    • Jonas: (On the future) The last play I did was nearly two years ago, so it would be good to get on stage -either that or get a part in a British film.

    • Jonas: (On becoming a sex symbol) I'm a 25-year-old single guy -I'm not going to complain if that happens. I'm not saying it's going to happen but if it does, I don't think that's going to be a bad thing [laughs].

    • Jonas: (About seeing a ghost on set) We were in a forest on a night shoot. It used to be used by thieves to stash their goods -which we didn't know about. It was dark and the lighting guy took a picture. In the picture, about four trees behind us, there was some kind of shape with quite a distinct face and musket helmet. That freaked out me and the producer because we were the only ones there. But when the others saw the picture, they said it was the lighting. It didn't look like lighting to us.

    • Jonas: (On tips Colonel Tim Collins gave hm) He came over because some of the producers were concerned about how they wanted us to behave with our body language, and so on. Robin Hood is often seen as the hands-on-hips, archetypal, tally-ho hero. But, realistically, the one calling the shots wouldn't be at the front shouting about it. He'd be the one you don't expect. Tim told us about that and I wanted Robin to be a more believable understated leader because you'd have to be. And he told us all about killing people [laughs].

    • Jonas: (On theft) I'm a clean liver, I'm no thief. Kids go through phases of nicking stuff. I've nicked stuff -most people have but I haven't nicked anything of significance.

    • Jonas: (On training for "Robin Hood") I got there a week before filming started and, as soon as I arrived, I was out on the horses, then doing unarmed combat, archery and sword fighting every day. It was an ongoing process. We practised every minute we got because we're all supposed to look very capable with the weapons.

    • Jonas: (On when he last has a fight) In my early 20s, about five years ago. I can't remember who came off best[laughs].

    • Jonas: (On shooting arrows) Pretty damn good now. I've been doing it for quite a bit. I'm all right.

    • Jonas: (on acting) I was always doing impressions of teachers at school. I was never one to knuckle down -I was always the one who was more interested in being the dickhead at the back of the room. I was always interested in films and thought that was the path I should go down but I didn't start pursuing acting until I was 17. All my friends were choosing university courses but I had no interest in anything other than acting, so I applied to go to Rada. It's got a reputation for having a certain type of posh students but that image was smashed when I got there -everyone was from different backgrounds and I made some really close friends.

    • Jonas (on playing Robin Hood): He's a total legend - I'm privileged to play a character that is known and loved by millions.

  • This review is just to let you know how perfectly Jonas fits onto Robin's shoes..

    Jonas is just terrific...his portrayal of Robin is so very realistic that one falls for his immaculate charm right from the word "go"!He comes across as a hero,not the sort who actually emerges as a larger than life kind..hes the man who elevates himself to herohood through all his little fears and apprehensions..his refusal to forgive Allan-a-Dale..his lost love..Robin's transition from a recuperating crusader to an outlaw is so effectively imaged by Armstrong that you wonder...Is this guy legendary?Or is he just waiting to come to my rescue when I'm hit by the Recession Bug?And its cheers to Jonas aka Robin that we are sooo riveted to Robin Hood...moreless
  • Good man.

    Anyone who takes the responsibility of taking the role of Robin Hood must be a good man. I think he does a great job portraying the famous outlaw. I have not really seen him in any other shows except once we were flicking around the channels and there was nothing one we just left it on Ghost Squad and who may come on but Jonas!! I do not know much about him but i think he is a talented actor who has a good lot of potential and should do well after he has finished be Robin Hood. But anyway good luck for the future Jonas!!moreless