Jonas Brothers

Jonas Brothers


Wyckoff, New Jersey, USA

Birth Name

Sons of Jonas



Also Known As

JB, Sons of Jonas, JoBros, Jonas Bros.
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The Jonas Brothers are made up of Nick, Joe, and Kevin Jonas. Also in the band are: John Taylor, who plays guitar; Greg Garbowsky, who plays bass guitar; and Jack Lawless, who plays the drums.

They released their first album, It's About Time on August 6,…more


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    • Nick: (while playing Halo 3 with Joe) This is another way to bond...Shooting each other down.

    • Joe: (about getting used to the fans) You can never really get used to the fans.nYou hear the screams and your first thought is "Cloverfield" because of the screams. So you start looking around for a monster.

    • Kevin: (to fans) Thank you so much for checking out our Myspace. It's so awesome to meet all of you guys, talk to you.
      Joe: We read all your comments. We look at them and they're like "Oh my god, Nick you're so hot UH!"

    • Nick: (about starting as a solo artist) Sometimes I wonder what this whole journey would have been like without them here with me. It would have been a lot different. I'm really happy that I have them and that we're so close.

    • Kevin: We know the bloggers are watching, so we have to be careful and not do anything stupid.

    • Kevin: It's more from the lack of our relationships [that we're able to write such great love songs]. We just dream about those situations.

    • Joe: The fans are our best friends.
      Nick: I love how passionate they are. thye want to know everything about us--which is funny because we're not that interesting.

    • Kevin: (about their success) We knew we'd made it when we were on Perez Hilton.

    • Kevin: (about their success) People say it was overnight success, but we've been trying to make this happen for a long time. We passed that three-year mark when most bands either have their shot or disappear--and we finally have our shot.

    • Kevin: Before we go onstage, we say, "Living the dream, baby, living the dream," with our entire band and crew. It really is, every minute we wake up.

    • Joe: A girl followed us to the bathroom, and a guy who was there looks at Nick amd me and says, "I hate you, you suck!" We were like , "Sorry, dude." It was really funny. Nick and I were laughing.

    • Kevin: I love that we get to travel all the time and not be sitting home doing nothing.
      Joe: I can go onstage and say ridiculous things. I can say funny things onstage and it's not a script.
      Nick: We aren't typical brothers who fight. We realize that it's dumb. We're working together all the time, so what's the point of being angry?

    • Nick: Our mom really likes to cook for us whenever we're at home. [Jonas family dinners] are big with us. We've done that our whole life. We talk about normal stuff and about work.

      Joe: It's awesome. It's a lot of laughing and talking. Our house is definitely a loud house. We have a lot of family friends who come in a lot.

    • Nick: I think everyday is like a new thing and the whole experience is amazing for us and we are happy that we are living the dream.

    • Joe: Moms are sometimes the craziest! I think because they know that they really want to get their daughters to be seen by us or maybe they just want an autograph, but we've seen some moms jump in front of the bus and try to get backstage!

    • Joe: It's really cool being on tour with your brothers because you kind of have a different respect for each other. You get on stage every night and you play a concert, and you can't really start arguing and throwing guitars at each other.

    • Kevin: (While filming "Camp Rock.") Nick played music on his iPod dock and we had a dance party with the whole cast!

    • Kevin: Growing up, we didn't really play pranks on each other, but we put Gak in one of my dad's dress shoes. He was going to work, and it was all [makes squishing noises]. We were never allowed to have Gak, Floam of any of that stuff in the house ever again.

    • Nick: When Joe was younger, he would always get really embarrassed by my dad. When we would eat at Johnny Rockets, where they play old-time music, my dad would get up and start singing all the songs. I thought it was awesome. I didn't really care; I would sing with him. But Joe used to get so embarrassed.

    • Joe: So here's "That's Just the Way We Roll" right here. Oh you know where it is.

    • Nick: (talking to his brothers over the phone) I just cut my hair, all gone, kidding! I cut it shorter. It was getting pretty long. And finally I woke up one morning, and I was like ready to cut it. So we start fresh in the new tour, and premiering the new hair.

    • Nick: Joe might be the one to dye is hair a crazy color, maybe even Kevin, but not me.

    • Nick: (About the song "A Little Bit Longer) It's about my diabetes. I wrote it while we were filming Camp Rock. We've played it live a couple of times and it's overwhelming!

    • Kevin: I think I heard that something like 90 percent of all pop radio stations are playing our songs. This is a testament to our fan base.

    • Kevin: Our parents were ministers and they went everywhere. I was born in New Jersey, then we moved to Arizona because my dad wanted to try songwriting. That's where Joe was born, but it didn't work out there, so we moved to Texas, where Nick was born.

    • Joe: (about fans) We love hearing stories about how our music has influenced or changed their lives.

    • Joe: We've learned that things take time, but we have fun and work hard, and it shows in our music.

    • Joe:(on their decision to remain pure until marriage and their purity rings) People are like 'no way, that's impossible'. Our parents asked us if we wanted to and we were like "yeah" so its awesome.

    • Kevin: Will someone walk into a store, see our CD there and just walk by it? Or will someone stop and buy it?

    • Kevin: We have a blast traveling together. We have our own family bus, so we cause mayhem in every city we go to. We just have a really good time.

    • Kevin: My favorite memory ever was the year it snowed so much in New Jersey that we only had three days of school in a week. I built a pretty amazing igloo in my backyard. We filled big, square Tupperware containers with snow, packed them down and flipped them over like bricks.

    • Nick: (on the song 'Games') This was actually a song that we wrote with three band memeber, and it's a really good one. In the studio we were recording it, and that whole reggae-ish type Police-feel was in there. The song was really inspired by the bad The Police. We wanted to make that song a little different from the rest of the record. We were listening to a few Police songs and we said, "Let's do it like that." So we recorded it and added that whole reggae vibe to it.

    • Nick: We just recorded some demos for the next album and they're cool.
      Joe: Its gonna be the same core as 'Jonas Brothers' sound like "S.O.S", but with a little more dancing and just throwing down the beats down.

    • Nick: (about meeting fans) We totally love it. When it does happen, it's a good feeling, kind of reassuring--like we're working, we're doing good.

    • Joe: Every fan is special to us. I might not remember names, but I remember their faces and how awesome they are.

    • Kevin: It's definitely a cautionary tale in that it tells you to know who your friends are, and who are the people you want to keep close. And at the same time don't let others infulence you in a negative way, because that can happen in anything, honestly. So we are very hard on ourselves and with everything we do; we watch it very wisely. And we have an amazing team with us, amazing people who work with us, and we get to do some amazing things.

    • Kevin: There's always something you haven't achieved yet, and our goal is to do as many things possible in our career as we can.

    • Nick: The one thing I notice about a fan is when she's really into our show. I like it. Even if she doesn't know all the words to the songs, she's still into it. It's kind of disappointing to see someone in the audience who just stands there. Have a good time even though you don't know the words. It's totally cool.

    • Nick: When we play a show, you never have to worry that I can only see one person in the audience. I see everyone.

    • Kevin: Our parents are pretty strict, but they're also very trusting. They're all about communication. If we talk to them and let them know where we're going or what we're doing, there's no problem. That's the one simple thing some kids don't do.

    • Kevin: One year, my brothers and I built an igloo! It caved in the next day and turned into a dome.

    • Nick: There's always a certain point on tour where one person will get sick. And then everyone'll get sick. But we'd never cancel a show.

    • Joe: Girls really appreciate table manners. Not only is it important to us to respect a girl, but to respect ourselves. We want to be presented in a way that is not sloppy or anything like that.

    • Nick: We really feel that it is important to be a gentleman - that's how we were raised. I find that girls really like when you are like that. I'll open a door for a girl, and she'll be like, "Oh, no one's done that for me in a really long time."

    • Nick: I'll be standing at our Meet and Greets playing the air drums, and it actually makes sense in my head what I'm playing. But to everyone else, it just looks like I'm flinging my arms and spazzing out.

    • Nick: Abbreviations really frustrate me. Kevin would always say 'Poor' and he meant [the song] 'Poor Unfortunate Souls.' He'd be like, "Let's play Poor." I don't know why it frustrated me, but it does. If we're talking about High School Musical, Kevin will say, "High School," and it's not 'high school,' its High School Musical. It kills me!

    • Nick: (about schoolwork) We really have to apply ourselves to focus every day to get a certain amount of work done. If we have a break where we're not recording or anything we'll take advantage of that time and get work done.

    • Kevin: Our fans are amazing. they'll drive across the country, stand outside until who knows when. We appreciate everything the fans do.
      Nick: We take the time to meet every single one of them if we can. We love our fans and would be nowhere without them.

    • Kevin: Nick is an amazing musician. He's really focused. He'll keep your eyes on the prize! Joe will always make you laugh. There isn't anything that bothers me about either of them.
      Joe: Nick is very good at sports. But his worst quality is his competitiveness. A good thing about Kevin is his sense of style. He really helps us out! But when he drives, he likes to go fast, which can be pretty scary.
      Nick: Joe is that he's the craziest person I've ever met in my life, which is one of the best things about him. He's also the craziest person I've ever met in my life, which is one of the worst things about him. Kevin is really good at guitar. But there's nothing really bad about Kevin.

    • Joe: We talk to fans on MySpace every single day. Sometimes, they use online lingo that we can't understand, but my Dad's the best when he reads them to us. He'll say, "Yo, you guys are hot." So we do it every day. We like talk to fans and get to know them. It's just awesome.

    • Kevin: (on how their music has changed since the first album) We really feel like we made the album of our dreams, from the drums and the bass to the guitar and the vocals. We picked the songs that we wanted to be on the record. This is an album that we really wanted to make. It's also exciting for me because this is the first record we made that I enjoy listening to on my iPod. I love listening to this album after work.

    • Nick: I'm not shy, but I am the quiet one in the band. I don't like to meet a lot of people. My mom was always like, "Nick, go meet that person". And I'm like "Uh I don't want to." I'm in my own world sometimes, but I'm getting better!

    • Joe: It's really cool being in a band with my brothers because when you look onstage you see Nick and not some random kid. If something happens, if something goes wrong, we know what happens, you know. It's not like we have this huge thing afterwards like "What happened? I didn't know where you guys were!" That kind of thing. You always know what's going on...we love each other to death.

    • Kevin: Joe's nickname is Danger. It just is. Everything he does is danger.

    • Kevin: Nick's not actually shy or quiet. He just chooses his words wisely.

    • Nick: We shot our "S.O.S." video on the Queen Mary, the old ocean liner that's docked in California. It's supposedly haunted. I'm not sure how much I believe in that stuff, but it was creepy. I tried to scare Joe and Kevin.

    • Nick: We'd love to have Jordan Pruitt to open for us.
      Joe: Nick has a big crush on her. Don't get me wrong, she's a great artist, but, yeah, Nick has a big crush on her.

    • Joe: (on who has the most girls that seem to like them) We kind of have competitions sometimes 'cause Nick has a little more picture comments than me.
      Nick: I'm just gonna say 3000 on myspace.
      Joe: I mean, I'm sitting there posing, and Nick's not even looking in the picture. You're winning, but not for long, my friend.
      Nick: I've been winning since the beginning.
      Kevin: Oh!

    • Nick: (on their reaction when they first heard that "Year 3000" was #1 on Radio Disney) We were on tour with Aly and AJ, and we were in Oregon at a big fair, and I got a text message from my mom. She was like, "YOU GUYS ARE NUMBER 1!" I ran out of the bus and started doing back flips!

    • Nick: I'm the baby, but I'm more of an adult than Kevin and Joe.

    • Joe: A long time ago, [fans] were like, 'Sign my belly.' I was like, 'We can't really sign on people.' It can be weird and dangerous. But hands are okay. We'll sign a hand or something.

    • Nick: Joe and I are in a secret society of golfing. It's called the Four Kings Golfing Society. It's Joe, me, our guitar players and our bassist.

    • Nick: People give us clothes to wear, which is really cool. It's like, "Free clothes!" I haven't actually purchased any clothes in about a year. We're blessed!

    • Nick: (About when the family celebrated the release of their self-titled album) Our dad rented a yacht the night our album came out. He sailed to the Statue of Liberty. It was a blast!

    • Nick: It's awesome to have my brothers on stage and in the studio with me. You have a security that everything is going to be okay, even when you mess up.

    • Joe: You know what always gets sore throats gone?
      Girl: What?
      Joe: Eat a bowl of sugar.
      Girl: A bowl of sugar?
      Joe: Pour water on it and just drink it. My mom tried it with me once.
      Kevin: And then he turned out the way he is, so I don't know if you really wanna do that.

    • Kevin: ( When asked what the best and worst thing about the business in his opinion) The best thing about the music business is the traveling we get to do. It's really cool to hear people talk about your music and say how that song relates to them. The worst thing about the business...I don't really think there is a worst part. I mean it is a lot of hard work, but it's not a bad thing.

    • Kevin: (When asked where do they see themselves in 10 years) I really hope that we are still making albums producing with other artists. We hope that we are one of those bands who sticks around for years to come.

    • Kevin: (When asked if they imagine doing anything else, but music) Yes, we would like to get into TV and will be with our new show J.O.N.A.S. which we start in September...and get into movies...we want to conquer all of it.

    • Interviewer: Are you parents supportive of this whole getting into Hollywood thing?
      Joe: Uh, you know, they don't even know we're in a band. It's kind of a secret.
      Interviewer: Kids these days. They don't tell their parents anything.
      Joe: We actually tell them we go to school everyday.

    • Interviewer: Who is the one who always got in trouble.
      Nick: (Looking at Joe) Danger.
      Joe: No, I didn't always...I always got blamed for everything.
      Kevin: Yeah, I was the one that actually did the thing. I just blamed him, and he got in trouble.

    • Nick: For me, I'd have to say "Still in Love With You" is one of my favorite songs and also "Hold On." So I have a couple of favorites.

    • Joe: For me, I love the song "Australia," just 'cause Australian girls are cool and accents are cool in general.

    • Interviewer: Are there any instruments that you cannot play, but would like to learn someday?
      Joe: Nick says violin, I would say ummm..the xylophone.
      Nick: You can play the xylophone.
      Joe: Fine, the zzz..uh..whats that crazy thing that they play in Jamaica? The bwwoooohhoooon (makes didgeridoo noise)
      Nick: Jamaica! Its Australia dude!!
      Joe: i know, whats that thing they blow at?
      Kevin and Nick: The didgeridoo.
      Joe: The didgeridoo...I want..yeh..that was..that was sweet.
      Nick: You said Jamaica..
      Joe: No..but I want one from Jamaica...they get in Jamaica and then its from Jamaica.
      Interviewer: Alright man, I think we're done..

    • Kevin: It's such a funny joke, cos the first time we ever heard of the competition(talking about the game the answer is always c)
      Nick: And we heard it and we were like..
      Kevin: the aim of the contest..wait...and then someone said A, and we were like wait thats...
      Nick: Why would you do that?..and my dad was like I think he just said the anwer is always C...and that guy just said like was really funny.

    • Joe:oh my gosh emily are you alive?
      (joe asks screaming fan on radio, who keeps on screaming)
      Aah! I think she's getting attacked by a cougar!

    • Kevin: Supposedly, this guy doesn't like our music. He gathered a bunch of guys, and they bought tickets for the show, and they're gonna try to beat us up!

    • Kevin: We've started to dress up more for everyday stuff.

    • Joe: (About being on Hannah Montana) It's cool that we weren't written in as characters. We don't have to really act...we are just ourselves.

    • Joe: (talking about what they do before going onstage) We do a lot of things. First of all, we pray together and we have a time to focus and get ready. We call it lockdown, and we have 45 minutes where it's just us and no one comes in and no one goes out. It's a cool time to get focused and we just get psyched and really excited about the show.

    • Joe: (talking about there 2nd CD) We are very, very excited about it. We've waiting patiently, well not really patiently for this record to come out. Once we got with the new label and started writing songs and working with John Fields and John Lynn and all those great guys we immediately had a great idea and great project going so we just can't wait for the fans to hear it.

    • Joe: We do have fanatic fans. And the coolest feeling was, we debuted our video on TRL. We went to TRL and going up to that window and seeing 400 screaming fans. Seeing 400 screaming fans, it's pretty awesome. It was awesome. It was a cool feeling.

    • Joe: (About myspace) We read all your comments. We look at all of them. They're like, "Oh, my God! Nick, you're so hot!"

    • Joe: We really hope this first album really makes a mark. We just want to be rock n roll, but be positive at the same time, let people know that it's not about feeling down all the time.

    • Joe: We'd absolutely date a fan, I mean, how else are we going to meet girls?

    • Joe: Our fans are the most important to us, because they're really what got us this far to where we are today.

    • Kevin: We have such a family connection. We really love being brothers, but, beyond that, we love being one big family.

    • Kevin: The first time we ever hit the countdown, the top 3, we were actually in the Radio Disney studio. They're like, "Congratulations on making #3 last night" and we're like, "No way!"

    • Joe: It all started out with us thinking, "We hope people like our music." We really didn't know what to expect.

    • Joe: Our little brother Frankie is always like, "Guys, you're on TV!"

    • Kevin: When you come to a Jonas Brothers show, you are not allowed to sit in your seat!

    • Kevin: A girl needs to understand about brothers. We talk about everything.

    • Kevin: (about their music) It feels like the most natural thing we could be doing. When we write a song we get in a triangle. I start playing the chords that we've chosen over and over and then we'll keep going around in a circle until we have figured out the lyrics for our song.

    • Nick(On if there little brother, Frankie will join the band): I think it'll happen!

    • Kevin: We were signing autographs and there was this one girl and she just started crying, and we didn't know what to do. So we just sort of waved and she was crying even more. We felt so bad. We didn't know what to do.

    • Joe: The best part about being in a band with my brothers is the support that we give each other.

    • Kevin: Nicholas got attacked once by about 30 screaming girls.

    • Joe: We're brothers so it's not like if we got upset at each other that we can be like, "Well, I quit." They're still my brothers. We love to do this, and we're going to keep doing it for a very long time.

    • Joe: On the streets, we call each other crazy names! Usually it's Thunder Bolt, Lightning Bolt and Fierce Tiger.

    • Kevin: We're so blessed to be friends with our fans.

    • Joe:(about their second album) This album is so us.

    • Joe: Nicholas is the powerhouse vocal. He's just got this young, soulful voice that catches everyone's ears.

      Nick: Joseph just has this really cool, smooth rock voice. He really knows how to get the crowd going, and Kevin is the one that holds us together.

    • Kevin: We go crazy on stage. Its so much fun!

    • Kevin: We all have such passion for what we do and for our band.

    • Nick(about the song "Mandy"): We were writing songs one day and decided we wanted to write about something really nice-so we wrote a song about Mandy. She's the nicest girl you will ever meet. She knows what your thinking all the time.

    • Kevin: When we signed to Hollywood we told the label, 'Hey, we have some demos of songs we've been writing for the past year and a half.' We thought it'd be so funny to just record those songs for the album to see what we could get away with. But those turned out to be the songs on the record!

    • (about what people their music is for)
      Joe: We're aiming for people our age.
      Nick: But we also wanna get kids younger than us.
      Kevin: And older people, too.

    • Kevin: (about him and his brothers being asked if they're married) A lot of people ask us because we all wear a ring on our left hand, but it's not true!

    • Nick: Joe took me under his arm like the hero that he is. Joe saved my life, so I owe him.

  • OK, no offense, but I think the Jonas Brothers can't sing at all and are way overrated. (My edited review)

    The Jonas Brothers...I hear that name every day, no matter where I go. Personally, though, I don't know why their so popular. I mean if you ask me, they just can't sing well. Every time I hear them sing, my eyes literally squint in horror and I twitch a little bit as well. They are one of the worst bands I've ever heard (right behind Naked Brothers Band) I also know a lot of people who like this band. In fact, I was actually insulted by a fan just for stating my opinion. Also I see their faces just about everywhere I go-dolls, tee shirts, CD's, an advertisement, pictures on magazines (speaking of which, I had to stop reading one of my favorite magazines because it obsessed over the JB a little too much), and so much more. Disney Channel treats them like kings, but they don't deserve it. Also, as for Nick's diabetes thing, people feel so sorry for him, but there are tons of others who have diabetes, and I don't see them feeling sorry for him/her. My best friend doesn't like them at all, and she's around my age. We usually tend to make jokes about them. Besides me and my BF, I only know two other people who hate them (one boy and another girl) So anyway guys, I don't mean to insult or offend any of you fans. But I'm allowed to have my opinion.moreless
  • Good stage presence

    Easy listening.