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  • An underrated actor - "not cool"

    This actor has become one of my faves. He is SO versatile. If you see his work on Castle, NCIS, Women's Murder Club and now Last Man Standing, you will be amazed at the variety of his roles. I've never seen him on Bones but will have to watch the re-runs to see him. I'm glad they made him a series regular a few years ago. He deserves it!
  • On Bones!

    He was amazing on Bones! But, is it but me or did he just leave with out us knowing why? Because I would love for him to be back. He jsut wasnt there in season 2 I was like *gasp* are you kdding me?! But Boens is still 100% awesome! I havent really seen otehr stuff with him in it, just like an episode of Numb3rs and some other stuff. Love for him to come back to Bones and be the african american man with a deep voice! I love Zack when he says something like that to Angela!!! ahhhh such a Bones fan-girl! same with Jonathan Adams!!!!!!!!!!
  • I've hunted the internet for information for the well-spoken anthropologist or archeologist on Bones with the flavor of the actor, the late Roscoe Lee Brown. I am new to Bones but love the Jonathan Adams character.

    I am a new Bones fan and I love it. I admit, what captured me was an episode with the great Jonathan Adams. Where are his credits? I want to see more of him and I want to see his name in the credits. Are you kidding me? He is fabulous, intelligent, charming, strong and handsome! This role of historian, archeologist, anthropologist, orator, communicating as teacher, curator, consultant to FBI. Give us some more of him! Several of my colleagues have commented, "who is this actor on BONES?" Thanks for giving us the scoop on Veronica German, Alameda, California