Jonathan Ansell

Jonathan Ansell


3/10/1982, Bognor Regis, West Sussex, England

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    • (On the X-Factor)
      Jonathan: What I think is sad about The X Factor is that they're getting far too caught up with sob stories about contestants losing relatives or limbs or whatever – and if you've got that, you're through! It's less and less about your vocal performance ability. They seem to rush through the audition process to find sensational stories, and they've lost the essence of what The X Factor used to be about.

    • Jonathan: If I could perform in any venue in the world, it would be Sydney Opera House. I have always wanted to go to Australia, and it's just such an iconic venue.

    • Jonathan: Being in G4 didn't make me a millionaire, but it gave me a big hand in scaling the property ladder.

    • Jonathan: My musical inspiration is an amazing tenor called Juan Diego Florez; he is absolutely incredible and has such a unique core classical voice so I look to him for musical inspiration. But I also like to learn from people who are incredibly grounded and successful but haven't changed.

    • (On whether being a solo artist is any different than being in a band)
      Jonathan: I don't find it harder, I find it quite lonely in the down time; travelling, staying in hotels and having dinner you do with people from the record label and the tour and it's weird not being with your mates from college. But at the same time, the professional side of it - the performing and interviews and things are just the same; I don't feel daunted by it and I don't feel any extra pressure or anything. I just love it! It's great fun and having learnt so much from being with the guys for three years taught me skills that I can use on my own. I guess it feels strangely comfortable.

    • Jonathan: I live by the philosophy that you have to abuse your voice to make it resilient, so it'll always be there for you. So I go out and have drinks with friends and some of them smoke and you stand with them and it's not the end of the world. People wrap themselves up in cotton wool, who won't be in an air-conditioned environment, won't talk on a plane, won't go out drinking. A lot of singers are like that, but ultimately if they get a small cold their voice won't work.

    • (On being in a choir)
      Jonathan: People see choirs on stage and predominantly it looks quite square... but off stage that's where all the fun happens - in rehearsals, messing about, lunch breaks, interacting with new people. That, for me, is what choirs are all about – having that fun both on and off stage.

    • Jonathan: I've been mistaken for being gay for quite a lot of my life even by people who didn't know me. I'd be having a pizza in a takeout joint and someone would shout: 'Oh, gay boy.' It's bizarre that there was a continual assumption that I was gay.

    • Jonathan: The history of the ring I wear on my right hand is that a mate made a ring in a silver-smithing class and gave it to me. I bought the one I wear now as a present to myself when G4 signed our first record deal. I would love to be able to get one with more diamonds though, so it would really glisten while holding my mic.

    • Jonathan: I do think that the acceptance of classical music has grown. I am really pleased to be part of this change. I hope that its popularity grows and grows.

    • Jonathan: I would love to be able to duet with Elton John. I love his music and, well, it would just be so cool.

    • Jonathan: I never, ever expected to be able to do an album with anybody, let alone on my own. I just wanted to be able to earn my living as a singer, in whatever way.