Jonathan Banks


Jonathan Banks Trivia


  • Trivia

    • He was once neighbours with John Densmore, the drummer for The Doors.

    • He grew up in northeast Washington, D.C.

    • After just one day of working with Aaron Paul, during Season 2, Episode 13 of Breaking Bad, Jonathan Banks remembers that when he went home that night, he could not believe how good he was and talked to his wife about Aaron.

    • Jonathan Banks once worked with Steven Bauer, a guest-star for two episodes on Breaking Bad, on Wiseguy, a television show in the 90s.

  • Quotes

    • Jonathan: (On working with Aaron Paul) Aaron and I have such a good time. Aaron is a kid to me. My oldest kid is 43 years old. I give him endless shit, as well I should. I look at Aaron and I watch some of the things he does, and he reminds me of Montgomery Clift. He just does.

    • Jonathan: (On playing Ed O'Neill's brother on Modern Family) Unbelievable. Ed O’Neill is just a good, good human being. And it’s one of those things where â€" and he’ll kick me right in the ass for saying this â€" but Married With Children was never my cup of tea. You go back to his young, young years, and you look at some of his work. Ed is really good, and I don’t want to see him playing some brute, slummin' guy. I didn’t particularly like that. So I’m so glad he’s doing this. I don’t mean to sound pretentious. I mean, we’ve known each other for years, and now we are playing brothers, and somebody said to me, “You know, you look like brothers.” You know what? We do look like brothers.

    • Jonathan: (Regarding the set atmosphere on Breaking Bad) People truly enjoy their job on Breaking Bad, and they understand that it's a quality [show]. It's not the norm. And that sounds like such a Pollyanna thing to say, but it's absolutely true.