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    • Jonathan: (About his fangirls encounter at a department store) It caused a total commotion. It was so embarrassing! And all my mom did was laugh at me.

    • Jonathan: (About growing up in a small town) There is definitely a different dynamic because the cool part about growing up in a small town is you know everybody. The bad part know everybody. You know everything that ever happened to anybody and who they dated and what happened, who's been pregnant and who hasn't. You know everything.

    • Jonathan: (About working on soaps) Doing a soap is like boot camp for actors. It's one of the best, rewarding experiences of your life because you learn how to memorize 83 pages a night and you learn what face looks good on camera. I know if I use my eyebrows too much it's going to stick out because they're big! If I use them too much in my acting, I'm going to look like an idiot. That's why I keep my eyes as still as possible whenever I'm doing a scene on film now. I know, if I start moving around too much, they're gonna look stupid. You take away learning how to take direction. That's the best thing you take from a soap. You're getting direction over a monitor from a control room two floors away and it's like the voice of God comes over 'Jonathan! Can you be a little bit more angry about the fact that your mother is dead'. Okay, sure. No problem. You know that everyone knows what you're direction is so you'd better take it. They'll know if you did it wrong.

    • Jonathan: (on how to get guys to watch "Mean Girls") My quote to get guys to go see this film is 'Four beautiful women in short skirts'. That should do it.

    • Jonathan: I can talk to anybody but when it comes to somebody that I like, then I turn into like this five-year-old kindergartener in a sandbox.

    • Jonathan: Girls aren't mean to guys in high school. They are mean to each other. Girls were never mean to me.

    • Jonathan: I put my friends and family first. If you don't, you're going to get caught up in the business of all that Hollywood stuff. It can take over your whole life, but it's a job. You act, get a paycheck and go home.

    • Question: Did you date any of the popular girls at your school?
      Jonathan: No. My first three years of high school, I wasn't that cool.