Jonathan Brandis

Jonathan Brandis


4/13/1976, Danbury, Connecticut, USA



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Jonathan Gregory Brandis


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Jonathan started in show business at a very young age. When he was only 6 years old he got a part on the soap opera "One Life to Live". After that he got several small roles in movies and various TVseries. He got his big break when he…more


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    • Jonathan: My friends would probably describe me as silly. And honest. And that I think about things a bit too much.

    • Jonathan: Teen magazines keep writing that my eyes 'twinkle' when I talk. Look, I'm a guy. I don't twinkle, you know! You can say that my eyes 'sparkle' maybe, but not 'twinkle' alright? Got that teen magazine writers?!

    • Jonathan: I want to direct, I want to be part of something creative, something with quality. My biggest fear as an actor is being involved in something mediocre, or being mediocre myself. I´ve taken classes on screen-writing and, of course, I read a lot of scripts. Writing is what I´d really like to move towards. Right now, though, it just doesn´t pay the mortgage.

    • Jonathan: The first time someone asked me for my autograph was in 1982 when I was working on the soap opera One Life to Live. I was very surprised!

    • Jonathan (when asked about the biggest influence on his life): That would have to be director Steven Spielberg, because he is a great filmmaker and he's someone who's career I would like to follow.

    • Jonathan: I'd love to film or produce or direct a movie with special effects in it - or even without them. I don't thinkg I'll ever go into the special-effects industry, only because I don't know if that's the right area for me. I love filmmaking.

    • Jonathan: Teenagers, maybe, are too young to vote, but we can speak out. We are free-willed and powerful. We should show the world that we can get along with each others, blacks and whites. I'm not naive, I know there's racism among teens, and that's what we've got to work on first. We've got to get to know each other and respect each other.

    • Jonathan: One girl wrote me 300 letters, and when I finally met her she was very cool and acted like she didn't care.

    • Jonathan: It turns me off when a girl tries to pretend she has the same interests. I love a girl to tell me that I'm wrong or that she likes something different. That's what makes things colorful.

    • Jonathan: I'm a terrible morning person.

  • Jonathan Brandis has proved to be an amazing actor throughout his short life.

    Jonathan Brandis is most commonly known for his role as Lucas Wolenczak in the action-packed series SeaQuest DSV, however he has been in many other great projects including The Neverending Story II and The Year that Trembled. Although not everyone has heard of him, he was much more than a simple young actor: he had immense depth, and true talent, even beyond he field of acting. Jonathan Brandis showed true passion and devotion for his work, and was one of the very few actors who stuck with SeaQuest until the very end in 1996. After SeaQuest, he seemed to fade slightly out of favor, which I believe was a mistake, because he has a way of making each of his projects special.

    Jonathan Brandis was a superbly intense, and spectacular actor, and could have made so many more classics, were he still with us today. He will always be one of my top favorite actors, and certainly never forgotten.moreless
  • Jonathan Brandis: A great man, an unbreakable spirit.

    Hardly anyone realizes how huge of an impact Jonathan Brandis had on the world. His hairstyle --which he could never realy control-- became the most popular style of the ninties. He could make you laugh one second, and cry the next. He was a genius at acting. Many actors today could learn a thing or two from Jonathan. He never got involved with drugs, was active in the community, and had a good heart. He was an incredible writer with a broad imagination, strong will to succeed, and tons of energy. He practicly glowed. He was intelligent, versitile, funny, and brilliant. It's because of his character Lucas Wolenczak that computer nerds were given a "cool" image. I'll never forget him. Thanks Jon! Always got your back, J.moreless