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  • Jonathan Brandis has proved to be an amazing actor throughout his short life.

    Jonathan Brandis is most commonly known for his role as Lucas Wolenczak in the action-packed series SeaQuest DSV, however he has been in many other great projects including The Neverending Story II and The Year that Trembled. Although not everyone has heard of him, he was much more than a simple young actor: he had immense depth, and true talent, even beyond he field of acting. Jonathan Brandis showed true passion and devotion for his work, and was one of the very few actors who stuck with SeaQuest until the very end in 1996. After SeaQuest, he seemed to fade slightly out of favor, which I believe was a mistake, because he has a way of making each of his projects special.
    Jonathan Brandis was a superbly intense, and spectacular actor, and could have made so many more classics, were he still with us today. He will always be one of my top favorite actors, and certainly never forgotten.
  • Jonathan Brandis: A great man, an unbreakable spirit.

    Hardly anyone realizes how huge of an impact Jonathan Brandis had on the world. His hairstyle --which he could never realy control-- became the most popular style of the ninties. He could make you laugh one second, and cry the next. He was a genius at acting. Many actors today could learn a thing or two from Jonathan. He never got involved with drugs, was active in the community, and had a good heart. He was an incredible writer with a broad imagination, strong will to succeed, and tons of energy. He practicly glowed. He was intelligent, versitile, funny, and brilliant. It's because of his character Lucas Wolenczak that computer nerds were given a "cool" image. I'll never forget him. Thanks Jon! Always got your back, J.
  • Great Smart and Very Talented would be Jon!

    One I can't belive he is GONE! I never heard anything about it. 3 years later-today- I do a search to figure out if he done anything resently and I find out he's gone.
    Why? Is all I can say? Well you will be remembered and greatly loved!
    My heart goes out to all the fans and his Parents!
  • jonathan brandis is the most talented young actor i have ever seen

    jonathan brandis should have been more famous than he was and it saddens me that he is no longer here with us to brighten our days with his all time beautiful and charming smile prettiest smile i have ever seen for a male. and whats worse is that his death could have and should have been prevented and it was not all the signs were there but no one listened to them no one picked up on them and thats not right espically his friends (well actually only his friends) im not including his parents on this but his friends should have listened to him and got him the help he needed but they did not and i am sure that to this day they blame theirselves.
  • Gone too soon.

    Even though more than 2 years have passed since his death I still get unbelievably sad everytime I think about the fact that he's gone. Jonathan was the reason I watched seaQuest DSV, he did an amazing job as Lucas. And, I loved him in Neverending Story 2, he was a great Bastien. Jonathan was talented and should have gone far, his death was an inmeasurable loss to the entertainment industry and to the world. I will keep reading the fanfics (although the ELF ones are painful to read now), and I will buy the seaQuest dvds, that way a part of him will always be with us.
  • Jonathan Brandis was one of the best actors of his time. He was so big with all the teen magazines, and I wondered what went wrong when he decided he didn't want to be in them anymore. It seemed as though his career basically came to end after that.

    I have loved Jonathan Brandis since I was really small, and when I heard about how he ended his life, I cried for a long time. He was so talanted, and it was such a waste to see him do something so horrible. There is such a strong fanbase out there for him, and I wonder why he didn't know that. Also, I wonder if maybe he did read fan fiction that was based on his most popular role as Lucas Wolenczak: after all, there are at least 20 pieces of fic out there about him killing himself.
  • He was a great actor , too bad he is no longer among us. May he rest in peace.

    I watched so many of his films and i defintely enjoyed watching Seaquest.
    It was a total shock to me to hear tat he was dead.I have the neverending story part 2 on dvd in which he plays the main role Bastian Bux. I watched it occasionaly before i knew he was dead, i watched it after i heard the news and it just gave me chils.
    I have always thaught of him as one of my favourite actors and one of the greatestchild actors of his time.
    My favourite films/series he is in:
    The NeverEnding Story II: The Next Chapter (1990) .... Bastian Bux
    SeaQuest DSV (1993) (TV) .... Lucas Wolenczak
    Sidekicks (1992) .... Barry Gabrewski
    Ladybugs (1992) .... Matthew/Martha
    Born Free: A New Adventure (1996) (TV) .... Randal 'Rand' Everett Thompson
  • Such a great loss!

    I have had a crush on this guy since I was about twelve! I couldn't believe it when I was online one day and found out that he had passed away. How could someone with such obvious talent and good looks want to end his own life? I'm sure that he had his reasons, but he will be missed, because no one from the younger generation will be able to watch and appreciate his talent...
  • Great actor

    Jonathan Brandis was a great actor that will be missed greatly. His work on SeaQuest and Never Ending Story made him one of my favorite young actors. He was also very cute :) I think they made a big mistake cancelling SeaQuest. His death is a terrible tragedy. Rest in peace.
  • Great actor who had so much more to give. Will be sadly missed.

    Johnathan was a talented child actor who gaves us great performaces in SeaQuest DSV, Ladybugs, and The Neverending Story. His role of Lucas Wolenczak on SeaQuest DSV mad me look forward to many great things to come. He took what could have been another teenaged genius role and made me watch every week. He is sadly missed.