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  • Jonathan Brandis has proved to be an amazing actor throughout his short life.

    Jonathan Brandis is most commonly known for his role as Lucas Wolenczak in the action-packed series SeaQuest DSV, however he has been in many other great projects including The Neverending Story II and The Year that Trembled. Although not everyone has heard of him, he was much more than a simple young actor: he had immense depth, and true talent, even beyond he field of acting. Jonathan Brandis showed true passion and devotion for his work, and was one of the very few actors who stuck with SeaQuest until the very end in 1996. After SeaQuest, he seemed to fade slightly out of favor, which I believe was a mistake, because he has a way of making each of his projects special.
    Jonathan Brandis was a superbly intense, and spectacular actor, and could have made so many more classics, were he still with us today. He will always be one of my top favorite actors, and certainly never forgotten.