Jonathan Crombie

Jonathan Crombie


10/12/1966, Toronto, Canada

Birth Name

Jonathan David Crombie


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Jonathan Crombie was born on October 12, 1966 in Toronto, Canada. They youngest of three siblings, he never shown a particular inclination towards acting until he was discovered by casting director Diane Polley while he was performing in a high school production of The Wizard of Oz. Soon…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Jonathan went to high school with Bob Martin and Lisa Lambert, who would later become the sketch trio Skippy's Rangers.

    • Jonathan Crombie likes to travel from Canada to New York in the overnight bus instead of using the plane.

    • Jonathan's favourite music styles are country and musicals. He likes singing, dancing, and hiking.

    • Nominations:
      -Jonathan was nominated for a Dora Award in the category of Outstanding Performance in the Canadian Stage Company's Arcadia production in 1996.
      -Jonathan was nominated in 2000 for a Canadian Comedy Award in the category of Television Writing Episode or Special for the episode The Show They Never Gave of the 1997 show Comedy Now!, shared with 3 other writers.

    • Jonathan won a Canadian Comedy Award in 2000 in the category Live Comedy Funny Sketch for Skippy's Rangers.

    • Jonathan has been part of numerous performances held at the Stratford Festival Theatre.

    • Jonathan Crombie's made his Broadway debut in 2007 with the Canadian musical The Drowsy Chaperone, which also toured throughout the United States. He was at the Grammy Awards in Las Vegas with a friend when he got the call to join in the production.

    • Even though he isn't married, Jonathan Crombie loves kids.

    • He has two older sisters, making him the youngest of his family.

    • Jonathan's parents are David Crombie, a former mayor of Toronto and Canadian federal Cabinet Minister and Shirley Ann Crombie.

    • He graduated from the university of Toronto's Victoria College in the year 1995.

  • Quotes

    • (About New York)
      Jonathan: I just love living in New York.

    • (About performing in theatres)
      Jonathan: I love the fourth wall. I like getting into the theme. I've done a lot of sketch comedy, but even in our group I'm very much a character actor as opposed to some of the others that can do stand-up really well. I don't.

    • (About his love for theatre)
      Jonathan: Film, TV and theatre are very collaborative. But with film the collaboration isn't always hands-on with each other. What I love about being in theatre is creating a network of people where you could challenge yourself, make mistakes and feel comfortable in a really creative atmosphere that allows you to try to bring out the best in yourself, support each other and allow support to come from the people you work with. I really enjoy that whole ethic.

    • (About his favourite acting discipline)
      Jonathan: Before I started The Drowsy Chaperone I was at the Stratford Festival for about four or five years doing Shakespeare, so going from that to this was a change. But my heart is still always in sketch comedy. It's my favorite thing in the world. I grew up watching the Show of Shows reruns, Dick Van Dyke reruns and Carol Burnett stuff, and it's always been my favorite.

    • (About hit tour with The Drowsy Chaperone)
      Jonathan: I'm a Canadian boy that went down to New York, and I got offered the tour. I've been to Florida a couple of times and Grand Canyon, but yeah, I don't know The States, so this is a totally new, great experience. To me, this fits like a glove. I've never wanted to own a house, I don't like being in the same place for long, I don't like personal surroundings; I like impersonal surroundings! I'm the lightest packer in the world. So everything so far has been incredibly smooth, like I've really taken to it.

    • (About the role Bob Martin played launching his career)
      Jonathan: Towards the end of high school I was in a production of The Wizard of Oz. One of the performances was attended by Don McKellar and Lisa Lambert who were working with Bob but needed a replacement when Bob accepted another gig. It was great! At seventeen I was being paid to perform and we've been together one way or another ever since.

    • (About his experience in the Stratford theatre)
      Jonathan: Stratford was the best experience of my life. Being in the Young Company gave me not just stage time, but expert training in voice, movement and text. I soon learned another meaning for "folio!" I've never been to formal acting school; I've always learned on the job.

  • Jonathan Crombie is an extremely talented and accomplised actor. He has been one of my favorites since the 80's. I would personally like to see him star in a movie. He has not been given a chance to show his talent since Anne Of Green Gables.moreless

    Jonathan Crombie needs to be given more starring roles. He has only been able to show his true talent in the Anne of Green Gables series. I thought for sure when I seen him in Anne of Green Gables, that he would do much more than he has done. I know I am not the only person that feels this way. He has more of a loyal following than most believe. He is very talented in drama's but I believe he would adjust to any role. Jonathan Crombie has more talent in his pinky compaired to even the top actors.moreless