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  • Known for playing Commander William T Riker (and his double Lt. Thomas Riker) on the Star Trek spin offs (The Next Generation & onward), Mr.Frakes now spends most of his time directing (ST: First Contact, ST: Insurrection, Clockstoppers etc) .

    He was often criticized for his "poor acting skills" on ST:TNG... which I couldn't really see. I thought he played Riker well and was underused. He would always get the same storylines, where he gets the girl and loses her. Audiences rarely got to see inside the character of William Riker (ie episode Future Imperfect). Of course it seemed like he could only act like the charming player, that's all that was consistently written for the character of William Riker! People who criticize(d) this charming man often neglect to talk about his amazing work in episodes like "Frame of Mind" or "Second Chances". I thought his work in Second Chances was even better than his work in Frame of Mind, as he had to play 2 characters but convey the message that they weren't radically different, but still different. He managed to find that balance and he carried the episode.

    Now in his 50s, he remains a handsome and charming man(with a great smile and nice eyes). I hope he chooses to act again.
  • A luscious looking man even in his 50's. We need to see more of this man and that slick sly smile. HOT!!!

    He was just the best second in command on the starship Enterprise. Besides being incredibly handsome he is also very talented. I love his acting and how he played the sax. Aside from his looks I would love to see him have his own show and I hope to see him in more onscreen stuff than just see his name attached to director. He has a refreshing sauve manner to him which I cant get enough of. He could really make me melt.