Jonathan Frid

Jonathan Frid


12/2/1924, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada



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John Herbert Frid


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John Herbert Frid was born December 2, 1924, in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. During World War II, he served in the Canadian Navy. In 1948 he graduated from McMaster University and in 1949 was accepted at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts in London. Over the next few years,…more


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    • Jonathan Frid: I love to play horror for horror's sake. Inner horror...I mean, I never thought I created fear with the fang business of Barnabus. I always felt foolish doing that part of it. The horror part I liked was "the lie".

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  • Jonathan frid still has that Magic

    Who would ever thought after all these years from first seeing Jonathan Frid as Barnabas Collins , 2015 he means as much to his fan now as he did then 1966 that say a lot about him as a Actor and thou he is gone he will never be far from are hearts I am so glad I lived in a time where I seen such a gifted Actor who touched so many I miss him everydaymoreless
  • A true original!

    Jonathan Frid, now that was a name I had not heard in many years until just a few weeks ago when my teenagers started watching the original"Dark Shadows" on DVD. I had forgotten what a crush I had on Barnabas Collins when I watched the series on VHS. Barnabas, the reluctant vampire, what a new concept back in the swinging 1960's! It is no wonder that Mr. Frid was catapulted to international fame during the five year run of the show and ultimate typecasting after the demise of "Dark Shadows". He seemed such a noble man and somewhat out of another era when I remember seeing him on tapes of his talk show appearances from the 60's. It is very much a shame that this so very talented man never found more work on television, but I will always be glad that he appeared as Barnabas Collins. No one else could ever fill that role in my estimation!moreless