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Jonathan Groff Trivia


  • Trivia

    • He kept a journal of celebrities, family, and friends' signatures in his dressing room during Spring Awakening.

    • If Jonathan had not become an actor, he would have been a teacher.

    • Jonathan's three favorite television shows are Alias, Lost, and I Love Lucy.

    • His special talent, besides acting, singing, and dancing, is distance running.

    • In his winter coat he always carries a seashell that his voice teacher's daughter sold to him because it helps him stay calm.

    • His celebrity obsession is Jennifer Garner and Spring Awakening costar Lea Michele has said that if she comes to see the show, Jonathan will cry, if not have a heart attack.

    • In the 2007 Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, Jonathan performed "Send My Regards to Broadway" with his Spring Awakening costar Lea Michele.

    • Jonathan had intended to audition for colleges when he moved to the city but was cast in the national tour of The Sound of Music before he began college auditions.

    • He first became interested in musical theater through Disney movies such as Mary Poppins, which he watched six times a day when he was three years old.

    • He had known of Michael Mayer, director of Spring Awakening because of his obsession with Thoroughly Modern Millie, which he directed in 2002 and Jonathan went to see six times.

    • The first theater role Jonathan ever had was Teddy Best in a show called "Best in the West" that he did in eighth grade.

    • When he was cast as Melchior in Spring Awakening, he bought all of Duncan Sheik's albums to familiarize himself with the composer of the show.

    • One of Jonathan's summer jobs was being the voice of the Wishing Well at Dutch Wonderland, an amusement park near Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

    • Two essentials that he kept in his Spring Awakening dressing room were a curling iron and a framed picture of his family.

    • Jonathan used to work at the Chelsea Grill of Hell's Kitchen in New York and still considers it a favorite restaurant of his.

    • One of Jonathan's summer jobs was being a camp counselor.

    • Outside of his theatre roles, Jonathan does not curse in his everyday life.

    • Jonathan performed with Lea Michele at the 2007 Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York.

    • Jonathan considers Sutton Foster to be an inspiration to him.

    • In high school, Jonathan was involved in theatre and played parts in How to Succeed in Business..., Kiss Me Kate, Godspell, and You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown.

    • Jonathan says that his mother often brings a "Menanite Bus," people from his hometown, to see Spring Awakening on Broadway.

    • Lea Michele has said about Jonathan that, "Jonathan's so good, he's so wonderful, he takes time to talk to everyone."

  • Quotes

    • Jonathan Groff: When I was living in PA, my mom and brother and I used to go to dinner and a movie for every mother's day! This year, since I can't be at home, I'm going to send my mom a picture of us on the The View with Rosie, because she is obsessed with that show and with Rosie!