Jonathan Harris





11/6/1914 , Bronx,New York,USA



Birth Name

Jonathan Charasuchin




Born Jonathan Charasuchin on November 6th 1914 in The Bronx New York, Jonathan was the second of 3 children. His family barely scraped by, however his father, Sam still exposed the boy to opera and other such high class forums. Jonathan graduated from Fordham University in 1932 as a Pharmacist, his interest in the profession tweaked by a stint working as a stock boy in a pharmacy earlier.

Jonathan married childhood sweetheart Gertrude. They enjoyed a much better life in NYC due to Jonathan's profession, however in 1939 Jonathan, not quite satisfied with his career, decided to give acting a whirl. Using a phony resume he got into a repertoire company in Long Island. This led to a career on Broadway. His reviews were excellent. He co-starred with Paul Muni and Marlon Brando in A Flag is Born. This was not only a wonderful performance on his part but garnered the blessings of his father who had previously opposed his acting career.

He went on to do his first movie Botany Bay in 1952. More movies followed but he found his calling in television performing many parts big and small until in 1965 he signed on to guest star in a new TV show called Lost in Space. His character was so popular, that he remained for the full three year run of the show. He will always be remembered first and foremost for inventing and performing the role of Dr. Smith.

After Lost in Space was canceled due to financial difficulties, he went on to guest star in many roles and he was the voice of many TV and movie characters. A total of 612 appearances.

Sadly, he passed away suddenly at the age of 87 in his home in Encino California on November 3, 2002. He is buried in Westwood Cemetery, Los Angeles.