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  • Ah,Dr.Smith!

    Dr.Smith-That self-serving rogue, from the 1960's series, "Lost In Space", will forever be the the character that Jonathan Harris is remembered for. Good? Bad? Indifferent? It doesn't matter, when one supporting character is able to take over an entire series, then they have power, in the writers, but most of all in the actor, behind the role. No one will ever be associated with the role of Dr.Smith, but Jonathan Harris. Gary Oldman, a consumate character actor, couldn't bring any life to Dr.Smith, in the film version, of "Lost In Space", at all. He was "lost", in a role, that was lost to him to begin with!!!
  • The very soul of Lost in Space!

    He is indeed the soul of the show Lost in Space. Without him, they couldn't have a show. He is the ultimate anti-hero. He is good in the deep but his dark nature is too powerful and he always tend to do bad things. Harris' performance was superb and nobody could make it better. He was a very talented actor. I remember to see him in the old Zorro show and he was totally other person, true evil. That's too bad that he didn't get other real live shows after Lost in Space. At least he was very active doing voices for several cartoon series.
  • jonathan harris as dr.smith is my favorite tv character of all time.

    without jonathan harris lost in space would have never made it. he was the most famous special guest star. he loved the role dearly and it shows. his relationship with the robot and will robinson are the backbone of the series. his series of insults directed at the robot are legendary. my favorites being "you silly sausage" ??? and " you pretentious popinjay". dr. smith is the ultimate character of the ultimate show.