Jonathan Jackson





5/11/1982 , Orlando, Florida, USA

Birth Name

Jonathan Stevens Jackson




Jonathan Stevens Jackson was born in Orlando, Florida to parents Jeanine & Ricky Lee Jackson, joining sister Candace and brother Richard. His family moved to Washington and began acting at the age of 9 after his brother did. His first major role was as Lucas "Lucky" Spencer on the daytime soap opera General Hospital. During his six years on the soap, Jonathan was nominated for 6 Daytime Emmy awards and won three of them. Jonathan has also appeared in over 14 TV movies & films and is also a respected musician. He has been in numerous bands over the years (mostly with members of his family), and is currently with the band Enation, also featuring his brother. Jonathan is married to actress Lisa Vultaggio (whom he met on General Hospital) and they have 3 children together - son Caleb (born 2003), daughter Adora (born 2005), and son Titus Gabriel (born 2010). Jonathan returned to the daytime soap opera General Hospital in October 2009 reprising his role as Lucky Spencer.