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    • Jonathan: (talking about how he was told he made it for "Survivor") I was told I'd made it onto the show by Phone with a 'congrats' or 'you made it' kind of call. I had been in touch with them for months as all candidates have to have shots, go through reams of paperwork, insurance, things like that. I'd had to 'carve out' a few issues on my contracts, so I'd been speaking with them regularly. Of course some of the folks who go through this whole process then get a disappointing call at the end of it. But I got a good one. I was in my car when it happened.

    • Jonathan: (talking about "Survivor: Cook Islands") The more deserving tribe, who felt I had betrayed them, needed my help to stay in the game. Not that I am or was a martyr or hero. I don't feel like that AT ALL, but a Villain, no it never entered my mind, and as I say it apparently didn't enter the producers' minds either. Maybe I was obnoxious. If they got it, they use it, and really, that was the best (worst) I gave them. If I sound defensive, I don't mean to. But really folks, a burp does not a villain make.

    • Jonathan: (talking about "Survivor: Cook Islands") I was somewhat surprised that once the show was on air, I was seen by some as the villain. Again, call me stupid and naïve, but I do and did believe my motives were there for all to see.

    • Jonathan: (talking about "Survivor: Cook Islands") I agree I was way too open and honest! But that's me, Mr. Big Mouth. It's funny, because people always said (behind my back) they didn't trust me, and Yul always said 'why not? If anything he's too honest!' I actually think that's why they didn't trust. Because they assumed I couldn't be so open all the time – it must've been a cover.

    • Jonathan: (reflecting on why he lost "Survivor: Cook Islands") I played an endgame way too soon.

    • Jonathan: (talking about his abandonment of "Survivor" because of his knee injury) I'm feeling much, much better now, thank you. When I was leaving, I was extremely upset but then I was out of the game and I was rather calm about it all.

    • Jonathan: (talking about his strategy in "Survivor") My strategy was winning as many challenges as I did. I was part of eight winning challenges and that helped solidify my position as a leader and a strong player on my tribe.

    • Jonathan: I never went out of my way, certainly never took any pleasure in hurting anybody's feelings.

    • Jonathan: I loved doing The Tick! One of the main writers on that was Larry Charles, who did Borat. It was one of the most fun jobs I had. To play a villainous superhero was like a dream come true. Patrick Warburton and I had worked together on another series. He's one of the funniest, nicest guys in the world.

    • Jonathan: (about his strategy in playing "Survivor") My strategy was to play harder and faster than anybody else. If a move was going to get made, I wanted to be the one to make it. I did not want to get played. If I was going to think of something, somebody else was going to think of it, so I was going to do it faster. One part of the strategy was my mindset going in. I had thought there were going to be 16, but there were 20. Pretty good odds for winning a million dollars, but I realized I had a 100% chance of having a fantastic time, so I said I'm going to have a ball. I did it for the experience more than the money. I was looking forward to the survival aspects of it. I tried to make the most of every day and play as big a game as I could to really enjoy the experience.

    • Jonathan Penner: (talking about the upcoming "Survivor: Micronesia") There are serious players. There are no players with names like Chicken who are just there to get blown up.