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  • More then a pretty face.

    Great actor in all he does.
  • Simply great

    He is one of my favorite actors. Hes simply amazing.
    He is perfect in every role. His acting skills are the best i have ever seen.

    He is great in The Tudors and Elvis (my favorite movie, i consider it a movie.)

    He has a thick Irish accent yet in his roles he hides it so well. In Tudors he has an English accent and pulls that off perfectly. In Elvis he has a southern accent and again pulls that off perfectly.

    He really needs another movie or tv show where he is the main character because im sure it would be an instant hit.
  • Jonathan is hot and a talented actor? Can I ask for anything more?

    I love Jonathan Rhys Meyers! He was really amazing in 'Elvis' and he really looked and acted like Elvis. That was the first time I'd seen his work and I just fell in love... But it's his performance in the Showtime mini-series, 'The Tudors,' that I love the most.

    He plays a really good King Henry VIII and I'm hooked on the show. I love his accent and his acting is superb. Whenever I see him on the screen, I can't help but look. He's just too gorgeous not to.

    I think he's the next Brad Pitt and if you haven't seen 'Elvis' or 'The Tudors,' I would highly recommend it. It's fantastic.
  • empty

    Over the past few years, Jonathan Rhys Meyers has really become a fan favorite. I haven't seen him in all of the movies that he's been in, but from what I have seen, the man is a really talented actor. I think Johnathan is at his best when he is playing the villian.
  • From indie smash hits and paid to be Elvis. Hot and present with an accent, this slender faced youth haunts your mind and begs for your attention.

    I don't think I have ever seen a man (or rather, men) wear so much make-up until I saw 'Velvet Goldmine,' which young children should never, EVER see...ever. But the visualization of fame rotting the mind, a beautiful face covered over with paste, it's just so sad, but extremely attractive at all times. 'Bend It Like Beckham' brought Meyers into the glorious limelight a little bit more. I first saw Meyers in this film and couldn't help but notice his slender cheeks grow slightly fuller as the film progressed. Even though he is pretty of sorts, it was nice to see him look a little more whole. The made-for-television movie 'Elvis' starring Meyers as the King himself, well, I didn't actually watch it, like Vanity Fair. But the commercials were pretty darn good.

    All in all, Meyers is noteworthy in his grand performances and deserves fans throughout every nation. Boy, oh, boy, do I admire Mr. Meyers. He sure has taken some high risks to be in the position he is in today, but he takes his long strides elegantly and with surprising pride. Not every man can be an man like him.