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  • Trivia

    • In June 2008, Jonathan hosted an auction of movie memorabilia to a celebrity crowd. Guests included Stephen Fry, Nick Park and Richard Curtis. It benefits the National Film and Television School.

    • On stage at Comic Con 2007, Jonathan kissed author Neil Gaiman, recreating the famous Madonna and Britney Spears kiss.

    • Jonathan and his wife Jane Goldman appear as themselves in a short story by friend Neil Gaiman. The story, The Facts in the Case of the Disappearance of Miss Finch appears in his short story collection, Smoke and Mirrors.

    • Controversies

      * He mentioned his sister-in-law's new restaurant on his radio show, despite the BBC's non-advertising policy (2002).
      * The BBC will not repeat the interview Jonathan had with the leader of the Conservative Party, David Cameron in 2006, where he asked if David had sexual fantasies about former Conservative Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher.
      * He criticised the BBC's employment of ethnic minorities in lowly jobs in, causing embarrassment to the corporation (March 2007).

    • Jonathan entered into a legal dispute with The Times newspaper over their reporting of a comment by Ricky Gervais. Ricky joked that Jonathan had received an additional £100,000 from the BBC to host the BAFTAs, and The Times reported it as fact.

    • In 2006, Jonathan became the UK's highest paid TV presenter when he signed to the BBC for £18 million.

    • Jonathan Ross voiced the Ugly Stepsister in the UK release of Shrek 2. In the U.S. the part was played by Larry King.

    • Among Jonathan's awards are:

      * Sony Radio Academy Awards, Radio Personality of the Year (2008).
      * BAFTA (Best Entertainment Performance), won (2004, 2006, 2007).
      * BAFTA (Best Entertainment Programme or Series), nominated (2003).
      * British Comedy Awards (Best Comedy Entertainment Personality), nominated (2002-2004)
      * British Comedy Awards (Top Television Personality), Won (2002).
      * National Television Awards (Most Popular Entertainment Presenter), nominated (2003-2007).
      * Royal Television Society, UK (Best Entertainment Performance), nominated (2002), won (2003/2004).
      * Television and Radion Industries Club Awards (TRIC) (TV Personality), Won (2004)

    • Ross gave friend Ricky Gervais his pet cat Ollie.

    • Presenting Roles

      Jonathan anchored the BBC television coverage of the Live 8 concerts (2005).
      British Comedy Awards (since 1991).

    • He performed in Childrens Party At The Palace for Queen Elizabeth's 80th birthday.

    • Jonathan has an honours degree in Modern European History, from the school of Slavonic and Eastern European Studies in London.

    • His nickname is "Wossy" because he speaks with a rhotacism, causing him to pronounce the consonant r like a w.

    • Jonathan is six foot two inches.

    • Jonathan received an OBE for services to broadcasting in June 2005.

    • Poll Position

      Britain's Second Smuggest Person (after Robbie Williams), in a Time Out magazine poll.

      Jonathan regularly wins awards for being the best and worst dressed celebrity.

    • Jonathan's mother Martha was an extra in EastEnders, playing a stallholder. She was fired for being in breach of contract when she revealed future plotlines in 2006. His brother, Paul Ross is also a reasonably well-known TV presenter in the UK.

    • Jonathan has co-owned a comic book shop.

    • He is a huge fan of the band They Might Be Giants, and when they toured in the UK he appeared on stage with them.

    • His all time favourite film is Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!

    • His wife Jane Goldman is an author, and co-wrote the screenplay of 2007 fantasy hit Stardust, based on a Neil Gaiman story.

  • Quotes

    • (on how he used to try to embarrass his kids by donning ridiculous outfits)
      Jonathan: It's good for them, it toughens them up. I collect them from school and I used to deliberately try to find the stupidest outfit I could wear to go and get them from school. I used to wear hats and stuff like that and wait outside. Sometimes they would walk past and pretend I wasn't with them.

    • Jonathan: I don't ever go to the theatre. I try and avoid it whenever possible.

    • (On quitting the panel show "They Think Its All Over")
      Jonathan: I've had a great time on They Think It's All Over, imparting my vast sporting knowledge to the nation, but I need time now to focus on my other commitments and so regrettably I won't be back for the 20th series. It's a fantastic show and from now on I'll be able to actually watch it.