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  • An amazingly gorgeous actor.

    Jonathan Taylor Thomas is an amazing actor. And, it doesn't hurt any that he has to be the hottest actor like in the history of ever. Just saying. Anyway, JTT is an amazing actor. And, he can play almost any role. It's awesome to see him do what he does best. He is rather underused, as his last role was in '07. Although he is not as popular as he once was, he is slowly (as I have noticed) becoming popular again. Hopefully he will be in more again so we can see more JTT. Let's hear it for JTT!! WooT wOOt!!
  • J.T.T.!!

    I remember when he was a big teen star and was on all the teen magazines like Teen Beat, Bop and Bopper. I would tear out his posters in them and hang them all over the wall. I was disapointed when he went off Home Improvement. He hasn't been in many show lately. I wish he would come back to acting. I really enjoyed watching him act. I loved is character, Randy, on Home Improvement. He made him have a cute wit to his humor that always kept me laughing. I hope he will come back to tv or movies so we can see him on screen again.
  • Jonathan is Fine

    I think he's hot and he's very charming. I have watched Home Improvement since I was 14. I hate meat and I never use products tested on animals. It's wrong to hurt them. I hope that one day he and I could meet. I wish he could be here. I'm also looking for a guy who is kind, funny, and sensitive. So Jonathan if that's you, e-mail me or something.
  • Jonathan Taylor Thomas.

    My goodness. Jonathan Taylor Thomas is absolutely gorgeous and totally underused. He's barely been in any TV shows although he's been great in the ones he has.
    Especially the two Smallville episode (he's topless. Yay!!) and 8 Simple Rules. He's a vegetarian which is even more attractive because so am I. The whole gay thing is weird but I don't believe he is. I really don't.

    Him and Tim Allen still don't talk that much because Allen feel Jonathan betrayed him by leaving Home Improvement. Tbh he needed to concentrate on school and thats a good reason.

    He should so get more roles. Preferable ones where he has a long time role cause that would make a lotta people happy.
    Including me.
  • JTT is a god

    I would suck JTT cock so much it isn\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'t even funny, he is the hottest guy i have personally ever seen, i\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'d let him cum all over my **** hole, and **** in my mouth, i would also like to rub my **** against his ****, god i can\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'t even explain how hot that would be, oh man what else there is just so much, oh ya i would loveee to run my tounge all over his JTT cock, maybe even let him piss on my face, oh god just thinkin of that makes me so hot, sorry this was kinda rude, but it is the truth, NICE LIFE
  • he's so fine!

    I must say he was the reason for me to ever watch "home improvement" this young man is so fine! And I hope he returns to acting very soon, just watching him in minor guest roles just don't cut it for me, I get why he wants an education and I find it very responsible of him for doing that. JTT is a person of high morals and he does what he believes in, and i salute him for that. But that is no reason for not wanting him back to the big screen or TV very soon, I miss him.
  • im sorry. this has to be said. he is the most gorgeous person in the world.

    omg! how hot can someone be!? it\'s unbelievable really. is is the most gorgeous person on the planet, such a treat to look at if your female or gay. do you not just love hime so bad? anyway, he is so talented (and im not just saying that cos he is the most gorgeous guy ive ever seen ever) hes funny, cute, smart, gorgeous eyes. he became famous when in the 90\'s sitcom \'home improvement\' which is just so funny and im obsessed with it. he then left that before the end and made some movies. i\'ve not seen all of them yet but boy am i desperate to! but i live in england so it\'s kinda hard to get hold of them. i have seen the lion king and i\'l be home for christmas though, i just love em! ok im gona go now. you kinda get that i like him.
  • A great actor.

    Johnathan is one of my favorite actors on Home Improvement, because I find him very sarcastic and fvery funny. Johnathan plays Randy very well, and I think he's one of the best actors on the show. I noticed on this guide that Johnathan has been in other shows, but I've only seen him in Home Improvement.
  • Jonathan Taylor Thomas is one of my favorite actors.

    I first saw JTT in Home Improvement. He was amazing on that show . He is one of the reasons I always wanted to watch it . He also made a couple of movies that i have not seen but i really want to see, hopefully soon .

    He has not done much since he left Home Improvement. He had some guest appearances here and there and some movies but nothing really big .

    He is such a great actor . I can't wait till he makes a comeback with a great movie and / show because he really deserves it.
  • A very talented and corgeous young actor.

    One of my favourite actors from aboard. Young, handsome, extremely talented, sweet, a great comedy actor and just nice to look, :)
    I really like him as Randy in Home Improvment, one show, what is truely funny and has the best jokes and comedy situations. I love specially episodes, where Jonathan Taylor Thomas as Randy is in the centre of attention.
    I also like him from movies 'The Man of the House' and 'Home for Christmas'. And there are also so many little episodic rolls in many different shows, like 8 sipmle rules and Ally McBeal, I really liked these episodes with him.
    I hope he will have a big career in future and we can see him soon in another good film or TV Show.
    Till that, I hope all the best for him!
  • He is the finest person in the world!!!!!So HOTT

    He is the the finest person in the world i LOVE him to death. He is the smartest most talented person ever he really should have been a bigger star with all his talents and especially his looks. Jon is an extremely talented actor who is well known for the his role as the smart,sexy son Randy, in Home Improvement. As well as the voice of adorable young Simba of disneys big hit The Lion King he has made memorable guest appearences in the popular tv shows Smallville and 8 Simple Rules. He has the potential to be a huge star!! Luv ya! dont ever change XxXxXx
  • Played Randy on Home Improvement.

    I think that Jonathan Taylor Thomas is very cool on the reruns of HomeImprovement. He is a very talented actor all around. I also liked in the movie i'll be home for christmas (I think thats the name). I hope that he will return in a movie soon because I thought he was really cute then and I can't wait to see him now.
  • gorgeous!

    he is the most gorgeous and talented actor of all time! he can play any role thrown at him, whether it be 'santa' or a hard working student, he fits every part perfectly! he was so cute when he was younger and grew up to be relly hot! i love him! but who doesn't???
  • he is a kid u would like to know around the 90's.

    how can i begin to describe him. well i'll start by how cute he is and when how good he is @ acting. i love him he is the greatest. and he should continue acting. he was so cute in the 90's he took my breath away and he is the reason why i watched home improvement.