Jonathan Togo





8/25/1977 , Rockland, MA

Birth Name

Jonathan Togo




Jonathan Togo was born on August 25, 1977 to Michael, a Ukranian-Jewish retired graphics designer and Sheila Togo, an Irish-Italian store owner. He was raised in Rockland, Massachusetts, attending Hebrew school as a child and graduating from Rockland High School in 1995.

Togo describes himself as "a little bit of a mutt. My mother is Italian and Irish and my father is Ukranian-Jewish," he says, noting that Togo was originally Tonkaviev, shortened by a grandfather in search of a catchier name for his carpet business. "I was raised as a Jew in a predominantly Irish-Catholic part of the country. We were extremely liberal Jews. I went to Hebrew school but we were middle and it costs money to join a synagogue, money we didn't always have. I was bar mitzvahed at 13 and basically never returned to the synagogue."

He went on to attend Vassar College, graduating with a BA in Theater. While at Vassar he performed in a band with Sam Endicott and John Conway, both of whom are now members of the band The Bravery.

Jonathan has performed in numerous plays, including Our Country's Good for which he won the Margaret Thatcher Kazan Award. He has several TV show credits under his belt including a starring role in Special Unit 2 as well as appearances in Judging Amy, Law & Order, Ed, and The Jury.

His most notable film credit is from Mystic River in 2003. He has also appeared in Raccoon, directed by Trey Nelson in 2004 and in Up a Tracie Laymon movie in 2002.
He can currently be seen playing Ryan Wolfe on CSI: Miami (2002).

Jonathan also claims to get mistaken with Eric Szmanda from the regular CSI (CSI: Crime Scene Investigation) all the time.
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