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Jonathan Turnbill

Jonathan Turnbill

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  • A 13 year old who lived in a suburb neighborhood with one dream of acting. One day that dream came true when auduitioned for the role of J.J. Stevens on Teachers and got it.moreless

    Great actor with a lot of energy . We should be expecting a lot from him in 2007 hopefully. On Teachers he played a student who was hateful to everyone but he turn out to be funny while doing it. He has tried out for guest star roles on (Runaway,Kidnapped, Reba, and Smallville ). Them not having him is good know because Runaway and Kidnapped got cancelled on NBC and CW. Jonathan should try out for a role on a My Network show because he could get a bigger role . Jonathan Turnbill is a good actor and hopefully he`ll be seen in 2007.moreless