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  • Super gorgeous and talented

    McLeod's hot,gorgeous hunk of series 5,6 and some of 7.When Jonny first appeared on the TV screen in episode 122(5.16)all I could think was "Oh my god!!".He's the definition of the term "tall,dark and handsome";add to that his heart-melting smile and voice,and don't forget the sexy aussie accent(which I hope he doesn't lose IF he goes to the US to work).
    But,that's not all there is to the man.He wasn't in the show just for his heart-throb looks.He can act.REALLY act.He can do everything.Drama,comedy,everything.It's sad that he's left McLeod's and I miss seeing him there.I really hope he makes it big time in the future.He deserves to have it all:great parts in great movies,nominations, big award winnings,all of it.