Jonelle Allen

Jonelle Allen


7/18/1944, New York, New York

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Jonelle Allen


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    • Jonelle: Our creator/producer, Beth Sullivan, is painstakingly accurate about Dr. Quinn. Everything you see on our program is something that either did or could have happened (in the late 1800's).

    • Jonelle: They couldn't find any black stunt women who rode horses, which I found amazing. But then, I'm the first African-American woman, who has a prime-time role in a Western.

    • Jonelle: I've gone through a divorce, the death of my grandmother, and the death of my aunt, who was like a mom to me. So there's been a lot of loss. A lot of loss. I think, though, that because all these things have happened, I'm able to bring a real depth of emotion to Grace (her character on Dr. Quinn.)

    • Jonelle: I had expectations that when you got married, you stayed married. I came into marriage with all sorts of ideas from the movies. You see a love story, and at the end of it, they got behind their white picket fences and live happily. But, if you stay for the credits at the end of the movie, you see how many people it took to put that movie together. It's the same in life. It takes a lot of work.