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  • Now know why everybody hates him a lot!

    Everybody hates Jon a lot
    He isn't Jonny Fairplay at all IMO
    He is more like Jonny Rotten
    Faking his own grandmother's death
    In order to win a reward
    I mean that is very, very, rotten indeed
    And also his lifestyle I don't approve of as well
    But he's got his life and I got mine
    So let it be that way
    He won't change a bit IMO!
  • SO Diabolical

    He's a bad boy but a smart one. I don't know anyone but him who would say that his grandma was dead just to stay on a show for a millon dollars. I sure wouldn't. The guy is a master mind a true master mind. He had to have been pretty smart to come up with that scam on Survivor. Many salute you Johnny Fairplay.