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    • Jordan: (on his work on "Guiding Light") What I think I bring to it is, I really like having fun. It's melodrama pure and simple.

    • Jordan: I have a lot of people that write to me who are alcoholics. They know in my real life I've had problems that are akin to alcoholism and they'll talk to me about it.

    • Jordan: (on his 1982 conviction for drug possession) I took the job [on "Guiding Light"] knowing that I was going to jail. I didn't tell the producers I was going to jail; I didn't tell my agents; I didn't tell anybody. I just knew my wife was pregnant and I figured whatever money I could make would help.... When you're going to jail, that kind of puts it in perspective.

    • Jordan: (on his childhood) I have sisters, aunts and daughters, but no brothers, uncles or sons. That made me a feminist pretty early. I got it beaten into me.

    • Jordan: I can tell you that my life is about my kids. That's it. I love being a dad. It's the best.