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  • What a breath of fresh air!

    I saw Shorty McShort Short's and searched all the talent. Then I saw Jordan's imdb, he has been on several wonderful shows. He is credited to Cannes, Sundance and many other notable film festivals for an independent short that he starred in called " Oates Valor". I saw the short on the Sundance sight. What an amazing remarkable actor. We will definitely be seeing more of this young man. His cute little sister ( Morgan Lily ) is on his imdb site ( apparently it runs in the family ). An up and coming star is about to hit Hollywood.
  • It was great fun working on this animation. What a blast doing voice over work and working with such great people. It is really exciting to see the end product.

    This episode of Shorty McShort Shorts was very funny. I think it will be a great animation for a wide range age group. It seems to have a great crowd of characters that many people can relate to. If it is to go on as a regular animation I think we will get countless laughs and alot of entertainment. It is a great idea " a mascot school" - how original and hysterical. So far it is a well put together idea and cast. Hopefully, it will be picked up and around for a long time to come. Good luck!