Jordan Pruitt

Jordan Pruitt


5/19/1991, Loganville, Georgia, USA

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Jordan Lynne Pruitt


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Jordan Pruitt is the daughter of Tim and Julie Pruitt and the sister of Jared Pruitt. She was discovered at the young age of thirteen and soon thereafter released her debut single "Outside Looking In" which was featured on the soundtrack for the Disney Channel Original Movie Readmore


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    • Jordan: I'm just taking things day by day now, focusing on what's important and surrounding myself with this amazing team of people who make sure I've got a good head on my shoulders no matter what happens

    • Jordan: My parents have done a wonderful job raising me and with everything I do, I want to honor them and of course, God. I also want to keep making music with Keith, who is such an amazing and talented person. He's the most genuine person I know, and comes up with the sickest melodies! I think we'll be making records forever.

    • Jordan: Probably my favorite of part of everything that's happened...probably recording the album because you learn so much as recording. You learn who you're working with and you find out so much information about the people you're working with. You can get that close bonds. I'm going to be a little bit co-producing maybe on my third album. So that should be interesting. I'm going to playing piano on the second one, even though I don't know how to play, but I'm going to learn!

    • Jordan (on if the writing process of a CD is important to her): Oh, definitely! I think it's very important to bring the writing, the writing part of it into an album because I think it makes it more real as to when people just sing songs to they don't even know what they're singing about. It makes the artist more real just like Natasha Bedingfield. She writes all of her own stuff and you get to know the person through their lyrics.

    • Jordan (on what makes her "No Ordinary Girl"): I think the positive message of the album kind of makes the ordinary girl the title because throughout the whole album it tells stories about what I've experienced and what I've been through and still experiencing. I think it's a good message to all girls my age to try to strive to be the no ordinary girl because it's important to keep your morals and your values when you're growing up.

    • Jordan (on advice she wants to give to fans): I'd probably say when the going gets tough, never give up.

    • Jordan (on if she wants to be an actress): Umm, I don't know. Uh, if the opportunity comes up, I just might. But, I really just want to be known as more of a singer and a songwriter.

    • Jordan(on her favorite parts of the 'High School Musical' tour): I would probably say, I love the end part because cause there's confetti and uh, confetti and fire works. And umm, my other favorite part would probably Ashley [Tisdale] and Lucas [Grabeel] singing "Bop to the Top".

    • Jordan: Definitely, I would love, umm, I want to be a role model for these girls and boys and umm, yeah.

    • Jordan: Oh it's, you know, it's an amazing experience and uh the Cheetah Girls was just so much fun, everybody was really nice, and this tour is amazing.

    • Jordan (on when she heard 'Outside Looking In' on the radio for the first time): It was really, really crazy. Yeah, I obviously screamed and blew some peoples ear drums out. No, I'm just kidding. It was really, really exciting definitely.

    • Jordan: I picked that title because I think it has a lot of meaning umm, when peop- girls listen to this song they can strive to be a No Ordinary Girl. And some of my favorite songs would probably, probably be Waiting For You, Miss Popularity and No Ordinary Girl.

    • Jordan: I wrote "Outside Looking In" while in middle school, its about the pressures we all sort of face.

    • Jordan: (about opening for a concert) It's like the most sugar rush ever!

    • Jordan: (on her favorite track from her album 'No Ordinary Girl') "Waiting for You", definitely. It just hits me. It's such a great song. It's a love song and I think everybody in the whole wide world will relate to it.

    • Jordan: (on how she balances her life with her career) I've got amazing people around me. People always tell me to keep my head on straight. Well, I have my family to help me do that. With my music, I'm not saying I'm going to change the world, but I do want to make it a better place.

  • Jordan, you impress me to no end. Certainly ‘No Ordinary Girl’.

    In a music world filled with sub-par teen pop artists, it is often easy to get lost in the crowd, but youngster Jordan Pruitt does the exact opposite. Her vocals are extremely polished for her young age and she is just a beautiful person all around. As a songwriter, Jordan is a step above most of her peers and it shows on her debut album “No Ordinary Girl”. Jordan will only improve with time and that is one of the most intriguing things about her. I can not wait too see how her blossoming career progresses. Hopefully she will move on to some more mature subject material in the future as most of her debut album’s tracks are about teen type things as shown in songs like “Miss Popularity”, “Teenager” and “Who Likes Who”. But what do you expect? She still is a teenager. As she grows up, I am sure she will evolve into one of pop music’s top recording artists just as some of today’s stars have. I highly recommend checking out Jordan if you are into the teen pop genre, she is a brilliant young woman with unlimited potential.moreless
  • I like the different sound in her voice.

    Jordan Pruitt to me is one of the better disney channel singers. I fell in love with 4 of her songs. A couple were re-makes but they wasn't as bad as you may expect. That song outside looking in save the movie read it and weep. Cause with out that song the movie would of been a whole lot worst. She not that much older then me and it seems like we have a lot in common. She was in the tour with high schoool muscial which made her become a little more popular. A decent singer and a great future ahead for her.moreless