Jordana Brewster





4/26/1980 , Panama City, Panama

Birth Name




Jordana Brewster is quite the worldly traveler. Her first few years on Earth were spent in London, England. When she was six, the family moved to her mother's birthplace, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Her mother is Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model Maria João. Then, when she was ten, the family moved to Manhattan, where Jordana entered the Catholic School for Girls at Weist-Barron.
Her big break into the business came by chance. She was asked to film a replacement spot for Anita Santos on All My Children The spot got her noticed. She was given a turn on As the World Turns.
But her biggest break came with The Faculty, a teen horror film that came at the height of the teen horror film's popularity. The film billed others as starring, but Jordana stole the show. She became "that girl from The Faculty." Instead of riding out the wave of success, Jordana opted to study at Yale, where she has family ties: grandfather Kingman Brewster is a former President of the University.
She decided, however, to take a year off and work on the miniseries, The '60s. The NBC airing was well received, and proved to be another boost for Jordana.
She also has a cat, named Delilah after the character she played in The Faculty.