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    • In 2009 Jordana enrolled at Columbia University in New York as part of their Master of Fine Arts directing program.

    • Jordana has said if she couldn't be an actor, she would like to be a figure skater or a photographer. She says that photography is one of her hobbies.

    • Jordana loves to travel all over the world and prides herself on being a budget traveler.

    • Jordana finished high school at Riverdale Country School in Bronx, New York in 1995.

    • In 2007, she won a Gracie Allen Award for Outstanding Female Lead in a Comedy Series for My Boys.

    • In between Seasons One and Two of Jordana's show My Boys, she shot a movie entitled Rockett with Jimmy Fallon, Lucy Liu and Tony Hale.

    • Jordana's favorite places to visit in L.A. are King King, Channel Islands Beach, Hollywood Forever Cemetary, and Cha Cha Cha. In Chicago she visits Guthrie's Tavern and H&M. In New York she goes to L&B Spumoni Gardens and Frankie's 457.

    • Just before getting a role in Must Love Dogs in 2005, Jordana was working in a homeless shelter and a day-care center.

    • Jordan nearly gave up acting in 2005 when she was only getting small movie and television roles.

    • Film and TV Movie Credits:
      The Year of Getting to Know Us (2008) as Kim Temple
      Resigned (2007) as Alison
      Living & Dying (2007) as Mary Jane
      Argo (2006) as Becca
      The Greener Grass (2004) as Heather
      Beck and Call (2004) (TV) as Jemma
      Playas Ball (2003) as Tonya Jenkins
      If These Walls Could Talk (1996) (TV) as Alison

    • Her first movie was the 1996 TV movie Her Last Chance where Jordana played the role of a Waitress.

    • She started studying acting at the Circle in the Square Theatre School, in her hometown of New York. After that move to London where she studied at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts in London. Finaly, when moving to LA, she started studying with Alfred Molina at the Odyssey Theatre.

    • She has four siblings. Two are older and two are younger.

  • Quotes

    • Jordana Spiro: (on her interest in directing) It started a few years ago when I picked up photography as a hobby, and I loved it so much. At the same time, I was starting to do volunteer work in various places, mainly so you don't get completely self-absorbed in this acting world. The combination of getting interested in imagery and getting exposed to so many different kinds of stories from people made realize directing and story-telling could be interesting.

    • Jordana Spiro: (on the friendly relationship of the My Boys cast) We work together 15 hours a day every day and we're looking at each other saying, "OK, why are we all hanging out together on Saturday? Is it because we actually like each other or because we've lost all of our friends?"

    • Jordana Spiro: (on the short 2009 season for My Boys): The economy is hitting everybody hard. It's obviously changing the amount of shows that are being produced. I guess I should be glad we're not shooting them on a iFlip video and posting them on Facebook.

    • (about what she had to learn for the series 'My Boys')
      Jordana: Uh, I learned. Basically my homework for the show was to learn how to play poker, watch sports and drink beer. It was really difficult.

    • (about the TV series "My Boys")
      Jordana: You know, I'm not feeling pressure, no. I'm definitely feeling busier than I felt before, but not pressure.

    • (about her decision to pursue an acting career)
      Jordana: I'm one of those people who's interested in everything and have a difficult time choosing, so I wanted a career that was project-oriented, where I could learn a whole new set of things, and then move on and learn another set of things.

    • (about how Jordana handled the pressure in the TV show 'Betty')
      Jordana: Sure, there's pressure, but it's mostly coming from myself. Me just wanting to do the best job I could because I believe in the project so fully.

    • (about her TV series 'My Boys')
      Jordana: But hands down it was my favorite pilot I had ever read. So, the fact that I got it was just a dream come true. I'm just laughing out loud in every scene.

    • (about being one of the boys in her new TV series 'My Boys')
      Jordana: Oh yeah. It's soooo easy to get along with those guys. Each one of them is so different but they are all such good people, have good hearts. Yeah, I got lucky, I'll definitely say that

    • (about blonde jokes) Jordana: And you hear them a lot when you turn into a blonde. Because all my friends are pretty sarcastic. So I've been made fun of for quite a while, ever since I dyed my hair. That's what was fun about playing the classically blond airhead - to be able to embrace it fully.

    • (about being similar to her character Sherry in 'Must Love Dogs')
      Jordana: There's a silly side to me. And because everything on set was running so smoothly, it was really easy to be free-spirited and more playful.

    • Jordana: I grew up with attention to older films, because of my dad. But we would watch a lot of Charlie Chaplin and a lot of Sir Alec Guinness and that sort of thing. I'm trying to think --

    • (about her role Sherry in the 2005 movie, 'Must Love Dogs') Jordana: You never want to play dumb. It just never ultimately is that interesting. But you do want to come across as dumb, because that's what's needed. So I just wanted to play a girl who always wants to have fun - who never, ever, ever thinks about the serious side of life. Doesn't understand why anyone would want to think about the serious side of life, who really embraces that life is short. And on top of that, she just really likes to have sex.

    • Jordana: The peroxide. I haven't worked so much as when I dyed my hair blond. Hollywood loves their blondes.

    • Jordana: If somebody's going to be the actress, it's going to be the middle one. There's a need for attention.