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  • What a voice!!!

    Una voz impactante, excelente. Una actitud del demonio. Una presencia, un carisma, un look, todo muy respetable y bueno. Un talento perfecto para INXS... entonces? Si les sacaba varios cuerpos a todos los demás participantes... Por qué corno no ganó? Por las adolescentes calentonas que votaron al ganador (alguien se acuerda su nombre?)? No sé ni me interesa. Lo que sí sé es que el mundo se perdió una cantante impresionante. Ojalá que ande haciendo buena música donde quiera que esté. Me encantaría seguir escuchándola.
    Una lástima que no haya sido la cantante de INXS, tenía todo para serlo y creo la banda hubiese seguido unos años más con ella al frente.
  • A beautiful girl with a beautiful voice.

    Jordis Unga was one of the best singers on “Rock Star INXS”. She can sing a number of different styles and has an amazing voice. I can’t wait until she releases a recording of her amazing amazingness because I will snap it up the day it comes out. If Dave Navarro is serious about what he said about her skills, he should pull whatever strings he can to get Jordis a first-rate record deal.

    Why did Jordis get eliminated? Young. She was much younger than the rest (most contestants were around 30 years of age; she turned 23 during the show). I think she will do well as a solo artist.
  • Jordis blows INXS away.

    Jordis Unga is En Fuego! She can do no wrong. INXS loves her as well as her fans. Just last week she earned her encore of The Man Who Sold the World, a very touching performance from her. She just keeps getting better. I don't know if she's right for INXS, but I do know that she should do her own stuff. I hope she lasts long.