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    In Lost, his character Hurley is just gorgious and is one of the most entertaining characters on Lost. Sometimes on the show, it doesn't seem like he is really acting but just some amatuer but its just his great character who is does a brilliant job of playing. Gotta' love Hurley and those numbers!
  • Big man, big talent

    Jorge Garcia is one of those actors who will probably go down as "The man best known for...", in this case, Hurley, the lovable, down-to-earth, regular Joe on Lost who has a string of good luck/bad luck (depending on how you looka at it). The shame is that he seems to have alot of talent and is just made for this part, but after the show is done, he will likely only show up in guest spots here nad there. From what I have been able to learn, Jorge was involved in stand-up comedy before becoming an actor, and you do see his comedic abilities in Lost. What makes him special is that he is able to portray the humour and the sensitivity at the same time. Hurley is my favourite characer on Lost largely because Garcia plays him so well. I would love to see him attempt other roles once Lost is finished. It will be interesting to see if that comes about.
  • Jorge Garcia is best known for portraying Hurley on Lost.

    Jorge Garcia was born in Omaha, Nebraska on April 28, 1973. Though born in Nebraska, Jorge grew up in Cuba. In high school, he was in the high school wrestling team as Baby Face Assasin. in 2004, he gained fame for his role of Hugo "Hurley" Reyes on Lost.He was also the first to be cast in Lost. His hobbies are: listening to music(he claims to have 91 songs on iTunes), playing poker, performing stand-up comedy. Jorge is of Chilean and Cuban descent. His height is 6'(1.83m). Since he is a big fan of music, in high school, he worked in many record stores. He has a pet dachsund-Chihuahua mix dog named Nunu and a cat named Little Ninja. In my opinion, he is a funny actor especially on Lost. I rate Jorge Garcia a 9. Keep up the great work Jorge Garcia!
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    I think that Jorge is the one supporting role character on Lost that could actually carry a show in a main role once his run on Lost comes to an end. Comedy seems to be where his acting is at the strongest and I think that his comedy and down to life attitude on Lost is one of the most important parts to keep the series in that 'real life' feel. Then they get into the science fiction stuff and it all comes crashing back down - but Hurley certainly keeps everyone happy and I think that Jorge does a great job. I think that he could be a huge star after Lost and I couldnt believe that he hasnt had many roles before he joined the cast of Lost. Very good actor I think, a hidden gem sitting out there in Hollywood if no one picks him up.
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    What's not to like about Jorge? He plays a fantastically frenetic character on "Lost" who ran away to escape these numbers that helped him win the lottery, yet otherwise caused him and his family tragedy.
  • Jorge Rocks

    Jorge rocks. He is my favorite character on LOST where he plays Hurley the lotto winner. I also enjoyed watching him play Hector on Becker even though he wasn't there long. He is one of my favorite actors becuase he is really funny. If I got to meet a celebrity I would definetly chose Oprah then Jorge. Once LOST ends Jorge needs a talk show called Jorge's Happy Hour where he could interview people and he should host The Price is Right now that Bob Barker is leaving. That would be perfect for him. One final thing if Jorge dies on Lost nobody will watch it anymore becuase he makes it worth watching.
  • One of my fav actors!

    Jorge Garcia is a very very funny and very amusing and comedic actor who loves to enetertain his fand in any way he can. He was in the hit comedy series Becker as a recrutting cast. But lightining hit him again and he got a role in ABC's hit TV series LOST! He plays a lead character named Hurley "Hugo" Reyes. His character is someone who finds bad luck and who goes to a mental place because he imagines things. He won the lottery with some random numbers, but everything that happened after the lottery has not been good for him, his family and his friends.
  • Important role on a very popular show.

    Jorge Garcia\'s comedic timing as Hurley is fabulous! He has the funniest sense of humor, and is always making humor out of situations that wouldn\'t be funny without him. And it\'s real-life humor, not generated humor for t.v., or at least it comes across that way when he does it, and that\'s because his acting really is great!
  • fabulous and sweet!

    there's jorge garcia, this huge guy who could easily be the target of cruel jokes, being shown as laughingstock, so where he takes "hurley" at "lost" is just amazing and very much off the cliche.

    jorge garcia's hurley is one of my favourite characters at lost. he is sweet, blessed with a very witty, deadpan humour, considerate, friendly, incredibly good-natured and still very courageous (one of my favourite scenes is when he refuses to take along a gun when they go out to find walt: "no way, i could be killing someone!") i really admire hurley's peaceableness, his not wanting to hurt anybody , his caring, his being the "soul" of the whole group and still having gained the respect and admiration of everybody around.

    there is some brilliant acting involved to take "hurley" all this way and making him feel so very close and credible and i hope that we are going to see a lot more of the wonderful performance he has given up till now!
  • great dude! lol

    Oh My gosh Jorge Garcia , Hurley, is like such a teddy bear I love him I dont think any one could play that part, Hurley in Lost, better. Some of my friends said they dont like him cause' of his weight but that shouldn't matter about him he's to cute for it to matter any way... but dont get me wrong it should not matter for anyone! I can't stand when people act like that about someone but back to him so sweet too! I mean he stole my heart the first time they showed him on that show I keep mentioning that because thats all Ive saw him in so...
  • Like this guy

    There is somethig infanitly charming and very likable about this guy, he is even cute in a differant sort of way, and most impotantly he is a good actor he does a great job of playing Hurley, on LOST, the charecter is likable, funny, kind.. I would like to see other roles of his because I am limited to this one, and I think he would be good elsewhere too
  • Jorge is a much need person on the show.

    I would just love to say, this show wouldnt be the same without Jorge. I think he brings real life hummor. Thank you Jorge for becoming an actor, you have helped the TV world to change what they call handsome. :) I do hope that one day they create a love intrest for Jorge on the show. Until that day, his girlfriend can sleep knowing she is the one who gets to kiss him. Best of luck, and best wishes.
  • Jorge's portrail of Hurley is absolutely first class.

    Hurley is one of my favorite characters on the program. He has one of the more complicated backgrounds out of the main characters. i think this alongside him with Charlie, Claire and probably Kate having the most confusing or complicated roles. It must be really hard for the actors to do these parts since they don't know what they're like till they're flashback episode.

    In Hurley's 'numbers' he played absolute amazing slapstick. And you did see a pretty threatening and complex side of Hurley.

    Overall i think that they should give Jorge lots more movies or series to work on because if you're only on one show you're basically wasted talent1
  • Funny/serious

    Jorge. Wow cant imagine what i can say about this actor. He is amazing. He seems really flexible within this show (Lost) He can be anything, I think of all people he has to be the most mysterious one on the island. He keeps everything so secret i ahev no idea what hes going to do next. is he going to shoot somebody? What about strangle somebody? We dont kno. But his life story on this show is so vaguely explained that i have idea idea what is going on. He is also crazy cool. I think he should get alittle love too.
  • A talented actor with the potential to be great.

    I love the way he plays his character Hurley on Lost. He seems to have this no care attitude when it comes to the goings on of the island however careful guards the secret of his millions. I remember watching him in Becker as well and always laughing at his character. If for some reason Lost ends before it should I can only hope that Jorge Garcia goes on and gets his own show. He has a way of being this great actor and not taking away from the other actors acting abilities. I can't imagine Lost without him and hope they don't decide to kill him off on the show.
  • Hurley could be known for providing the entertainment for everyone on the island.

    Jorge Garcia plays Hugo "Hurley" Reyes on the show Lost. He is one of the funniest characters on the show, but often is the target of fat jokes from the other survivors.
    Hurley could be known for providing the entertainment for everyone on the island. He built a golf course so the people on the island can play and take their minds off their current situation.
    Hurley also started the census, where he mysteriously noticed that one of the characters on the island was not on the plane. This allowed all of them to realize who it was. Ethan was the survivor not on the plane, and he was there for a reason, to capture Claire and bring her to wherever it was that he had to go. However, Claire escaped and Charlie shot and killed Ethan.
    We later learned that Hurley, in his past, had won the lottery given to him by a mental patient. The numbers were 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, and 42. The mental patient, by the name of Leonard, constantly repeated these numbers in his head, and when Hurley told him he had used those numbers to win the lottery, Leonard acted like it was an evil thing and freaked out. Ever since Hurley had used those numbers, terrible things started happening to him, and that's why he asked Leonard about them. Leonard told him to see a man by the name of Sam in Australia. Sam had died, but his wife told Hurley that once Sam used those numbers, he was having terrible luck, and ended it by killing himself.
    The numbers relate to the island because Hurley saw them printed on some of Rousseau's notes. He traveled through the jungle to get to Rousseau, and she believed Hurley about the numbers being bad, but she didn't know why. We then found out that the same numbers are imprinted on the hatch that Locke and Boon had found.
    Hurley is the comic relief of the show and for that reason is loved by many viewers of the hit show, Lost.
    Season 1(8.5)
  • Jorge is not a one-trick pony.

    I got to watch the screen test for Josh Garcia reading for the role of Sawyer on Lost. He could have done that role very well. Watching him read for the role, I realize this guy is very talented. The role he currently plays on Lost is not taking advantage of his talent.

    It is a shame that Hollywood would never give a goy with his physique a leading role. He could be great.