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  • fabulous and sweet!

    there's jorge garcia, this huge guy who could easily be the target of cruel jokes, being shown as laughingstock, so where he takes "hurley" at "lost" is just amazing and very much off the cliche.

    jorge garcia's hurley is one of my favourite characters at lost. he is sweet, blessed with a very witty, deadpan humour, considerate, friendly, incredibly good-natured and still very courageous (one of my favourite scenes is when he refuses to take along a gun when they go out to find walt: "no way, i could be killing someone!") i really admire hurley's peaceableness, his not wanting to hurt anybody , his caring, his being the "soul" of the whole group and still having gained the respect and admiration of everybody around.

    there is some brilliant acting involved to take "hurley" all this way and making him feel so very close and credible and i hope that we are going to see a lot more of the wonderful performance he has given up till now!