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  • Big man, big talent

    Jorge Garcia is one of those actors who will probably go down as "The man best known for...", in this case, Hurley, the lovable, down-to-earth, regular Joe on Lost who has a string of good luck/bad luck (depending on how you looka at it). The shame is that he seems to have alot of talent and is just made for this part, but after the show is done, he will likely only show up in guest spots here nad there. From what I have been able to learn, Jorge was involved in stand-up comedy before becoming an actor, and you do see his comedic abilities in Lost. What makes him special is that he is able to portray the humour and the sensitivity at the same time. Hurley is my favourite characer on Lost largely because Garcia plays him so well. I would love to see him attempt other roles once Lost is finished. It will be interesting to see if that comes about.