Jorge Vargas

Jorge Vargas


9/29/1977, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Birth Name

Jorgito Vargas Jr.



Also Known As

Daniel Jorge Vargas, Jorgito Vargas, Jorgito D. Vargas, Jorgito Vargas Jr.
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Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Jorgito lent his voice to the Power Rangers: Ninja Storm video game, which was based off the TV show.

    • Jorgito played the younger brother of Adam Tuominen's Power Rangers: Ninja Storm character. In reality, he is three years older than Tuominen.

    • In December 2004, Jorgito played Poncho in a production of The Night of the Iguana at the Tennesse Williams Festival.

    • Jorgito is skilled at martial arts, skateboarding, skiing, and soccer.

    • Jorgito has had roles in the following TV movies: A Girl Like Me: The Gwen Araujo Story, Fighting the Odds: The Marilyn Gambrell Story, Bang, Bang, You're Dead, Till Dad Do Us Part, Color Me Perfect, Annie O, and Deceived by Trust: A Moment of Truth Movie.

    • Jorgito has had roles in the following movies: After Tommorow, One of Our Own, and Excess Baggage.

    • Jorgito is 5'8".

    • His hobbies include skating and painting.

    • While on Power Rangers: Ninja Storm, Jorgito's character was the only male Ranger to never appear shirtess. This is because he has a tattoo on his upper arm. The producers of the show thought a character with a tattoo would be negative for a children's show.

  • Quotes

    • Jorgito: (When asked how he got into graffiti) One day, I remember just kind of drawing and it came easy. That was pretty recently, like a few years back, I was like, 'Hey, I can do this pretty good,' and people were like, 'Hey that looks good.' So I just kept drawing and drawing. Then, one day I went on a walk and I saw these guys painting on a wall. I had some artwork I wanted bigger, so I hung out with them and they started teaching me control, and whatnot, and I found some walls and I just started practicing.

  • Sexy and charming

    I love jorgito, he\'s one of my favorite actors and I believe he will make it big someday, he\'s too talented and charming not too, I also been a fan of his since Power rangers ninja storm and I\'m always looking for more of his work.

    He has it!!!

    Did anyone know that jorgito guest star in a tv movie called a girl like me: a gwen araujo story.

    it\'s based on a true story on lifetime.moreless
  • Jorgito Vargas Jr. I am one of your many fans. I enjoy seeing you in any kind of films. And say that your talents are outstanding. Keep doing what your doing now and never get discourage.moreless

    I enjoy watching Power Ranger Ninja Storm due to the fact that its very entertaining. Everyone on the show has amzaing talents, and above all, the cast that was selected were all beautiful and unique. Especially the male cast, drop down jaw bone.

    - Jorgito Vargas Jr.-

    He is one of the finest actor of all time. He is so charming. I can\'t wait till his next debut, I watch Power Ranger Ninja Storm mainly for him. And also Dustin, These two are very handsome indeed.moreless