Jorja Fox

Jorja Fox


7/7/1968, New York City, New York, USA

Birth Name

Jorja-An Fox



Also Known As

Jorjan Fox
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Jorja Fox was born Jorja-An Fox on July 7, 1968 in New York City, New York. Jorja was then raised in Florida.

Jorja attended Hoover Junior High in Indialantic, Florida.

Jorja is a part of Heather Grody's (The Murmurs singer/guitarist) HoneyPot Production.

Jorja went to Melbourne High School…more


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    • Jorja: (On her future) Theater is one of my loves, so I'm open for that after 11½ years of working in prime-time TV, for ER, The West Wing, and CSI. I've never been to college, and I think about that. But I kept putting it off, and I am also thinking about having a child, and that's really important. Also, I want to do a lot of traveling and surfing - two of my hobbies. Maybe the universe will get tired of me. I have a one-woman little play about Dusty Springfield opening February 2nd, at the Renberg Theater in Hollywood.

    • Jorja: (on Greg's feelings for Sara) Eric "broke up with me" in a magazine last summer. We were working a little tension on the show between Greg and Sara, when I read in a magazine that Eric was done with all that. I called him and said, "If you want to break up with me, at least do it in person." It's so great to have your private relationships play out in the press.

    • Jorja: (on her relationship with William Petersen ) I sit every once in a while and I think about plays and films I can do with William Petersen into our eighties. He's the most incredible scene partner I've ever had. And again, I've never had the opportunity to work with somebody for seven years like that. It's a really unique experience as an actor to have a scene partner for that long. And then at the end of the seven years to think more highly of them than you did in the first year, to find them even more complex and interesting…. He's a great friend and I feel like I couldn't have scored any higher than getting William Petersen to be my boyfriend on TV. It's been amazing.

    • Jorja: (joking on her personal style) Usually I'm tired, I haven't slept, I'm drinking six cups of coffee a day.

    • Jorja: I would probably put me in the extreme low maintenance category.

    • Jorja: (on how she unwinds) I love massage. That's my big thing, even if I'm going to the spa, I'll almost always go for the massage over any other treatment.

    • Jorja: I think I have been in love with every one of my co-stars at a different time or another.

    • Jorja: (On Grissom revealing their relationship) Yea, I leave him alone for five minutes and he tells everyone that were having this fabulous little secret love affair...assuming that you know Sara makes it out ok, who knows whats going to happen.

    • Jorja: (On the Early Show about the ending of CSI season seven) I'm not a big fan of Sara being in any kind of peril. I think that when you'd play a character as long as I have...what going on like thirty-six years? No, I'm kidding seven years. You become very, very, very, very, very, very close to that character in ways that, uh, are difficult to describe so intrinsically as an artist you know my desire is to protect that character and keep that character safe. I mean, I don't want to be the victim of this jerk, this terrible serial killer and then the part - the actor part of me was thrilled that I had something meaty to do in the last episode of the season.

    • George Eads: (On Jorja's return for season eight of CSI) If we find ourselves in the situation that she's not with us next year, we'll be in trouble, there's only one Jorja Fox.

    • Jorja: (On Sara coming back for season eight at the opening of CSI: The Experience in Chicago) If I did know, I'd smile and tell you I didn't. But I hope Sara's alive and well and back for a sexy season eight romance.

    • Jorja: (On Grissom and Sara's romance on CSI) After we dropped the proverbial bomb at the end of last season [six], we decided to just let it breathe a little bit – sort of like, 'well now you know, and here's what it looks like.' It was a great first half of the year for them – it was very pleasant and there wasn't a lot of tension, we just wanted the dust to settle. From here on out, there's going to be some interesting stuff that takes place between the two of them and I was really excited about it. And I kind of decided at the beginning of the year that, even though I was under the umbrella of CSI - I, personally, was in a romantic comedy.

    • Jorja: (On season seven of CSI) This has been a great year for Sara. It's really rare that you get a season seven and it's hugely rarer that you can go into season seven with this brand new idea of a storyline. Grissom and Sara have been doing this tango for a long time but after the finale in season six, it really left people with the sense that not only is something going on, but how long has this been going on. So it's really fun to have this new thing to play. Billy and I thought that Sara and Grissom thing had been played out and that people were sick of it and wanted new storylines. I was really surprised to find out that there was space for it, that people would like to see what would happen between them.

    • Jorja: (On her toughest character to play) The character that had most training [was probably] Gina Toscano – she was one of two hundred people on the planet that knew how to do what she did. So that was really cool to play her.

    • Jorja: (On Maggie Doyle on ER, Agent Gina Toscano on The West Wing and Sara Sidle on CSI) I think I'm really fortunate – especially when you talk about the three different characters. It occurred to me that maybe I was getting typecast, but then I thought – if I am, how lucky am I? These women are all so smart, and specialists in a certain field.

    • Jorja: If you just cut down [on meat] or tried [vegetarianism], you might find that you love it. And the list of things that you'd be doing positively to affect the planet and the next seven generations that come after you is humongous.

    • Jorja: (on becoming a vegetarian) I was having a meatball sub one day in Brooklyn, and it just clicked. I was in the middle of that sandwich, but I put it down—and I never ate meat again.

    • Jorja: (regarding Sara & Grissom being together on CSI) Never say never.

    • Jorja: (on Marg Helgenberger on-set filming the squeamish scenes) Marg is one of the strongest and toughest women I've ever met.

    • Jorja: In terms of CSI and how successful its been I just kind of feel like one of the luckiest people on the planet.

    • Jorja: (On the episode Gum Drops) It was so great for me, as Sara to sort of get to be that person who could make space for him [George Eads character Nick Stokes] and be gentle with him.

    • Jorja: (On the opening credits of CSI season six) The first shot of season six is the group of us walking in silhouette it was really one of the moments in my life that I felt like a true hero namely really a western hero. You know the westerns kind of do those long shots of their characters coming and they've got their weapons.

    • Jorja: Sara is my favorite character I've ever played. It's a joy every single week to get to go to work and be that person…I still feel like there's a pretty healthy sense of mystery around her after six years. It's a testament to the writers that there are still some secrets and some parts of her and puzzles of her own that people would like to know more about.

    • Jorja: (when asked if anyone had ever made a charming play on her last name how they were rewarded) I stayed for breakfast.

    • Jorja: (on the alternative spelling of her name) My mom made up Jorja. I spent the first 10 years of my life convincing people that I knew how to spell my name. Everyone tried to tell me I couldn't spell. I'm not a good talker. I'm not very verbal, so I don't have alternative names for most things. I'm lucky if I can get something out that's more than two syllables. In English.

    • Jorja: (on the worst smelling thing in the lab) Burned human skin. Sometimes we wish the show were scratch-and-sniff, because we have to pretend that we're encountering bad smells all the time. Maybe that's for season four or five.

    • Jorja: (on who she would like to see as a victim on CSI) Larry David! I'd love to see him naked in the morgue. I've never met him, but I love his show. He's brilliant and funny, and it would be great to see him play a corpse.

    • Jorja: (on the CSI theme song) That's still, you know, my favorite part of the show. Every week is the song with the credits. It was unbelievable that we were able to get that song. And it was Billy's idea. Billy Peterson was like, 'No, this song. This song.'

    • Jorja: (on how she is like her character, Sara) I am probably more like her than any other character I've played, which is lucky considering that this has been going on for six years…I do like her a lot. She's much smarter than I am. But I also like to focus on one thing for a while. We have OCD in common. I'm very idealistic, like Sara.

    • Jorja: (on what she likes to splurge on) Chocolate, coffee, pizza. And beer. I could show you my six-pack, which is not like most actresses' six-packs in this town!

    • Jorja: (on her hobby of playing rock music) I get together with friends and play music from time to time, in the adult-alternative vein. I don't have the time to actually be in a band. Someday, when CSI is over and done, maybe I'll start a new band. Mostly I play guitar; most people don't care for my singing. But I love to sing, so I do it a little bit.

    • Jorja: It's a dream and a joy to work with William Petersen. He is funny, he is very smart, and he is wild!

    • Jorja: (on CSI influencing people to go into forensics) It's surprising, and it's amazing. The numbers are up a lot, which is great, because there is a lack in the field in general. There's a lack of money, there's a lack of people doing it, so more people joining would be good. I hope that everybody sticks to it.

    • Jorja: (on what she would be doing if she wasn't an actress) I have no idea. I have no job skills. I was actually discovered when I was 15 in this really little town in Florida. I was at the mall one day and I got an opportunity to go to New York City and do some modeling, which was great. That paid my rent for a couple of years.

    • Jorja: (on being scientific) Dissecting corpses, it's not really my cup of tea. I'm more of an artistic type.

    • Jorja: (on marriage) Just to think about it gives me heart palpitations. It's like I can't breathe. It sends shivers down my spine! But I still believe in true love.

    • Jorja: (when asked if a major awards emcee should be impartial) Yes. But I think that folks should be good-humored about hosts making jokes and things.

    • Jorja: I worked at a kennel for a long time. That was probably one of the best jobs I've ever had but definitely one of the more obscure.

    • Jorja: (on the CSI spin-offs) I don't think the spin-offs have hurt our show, but I think that they were certainly motivated by a certain level of greed. And they weren't anybody's creative brainchild. They came out of a way to make as much money as quickly as possible.

    • Jorja: (on CSI spin-offs) I think if you offer somebody a really great piece of cake, they're going to take it. But then if they're offered cake every day, you might start to want ice cream. I may have wished, you know, that there weren't any spin-offs of CSI but I think that the shows have been able to sort of find their own legs.

    • Jorja: What's not sexy about William Petersen?

    • Jorja: (when asked whose celebrity closet she would like to raid)
      Prince's. All the sequins and the velvet? That would be fabulous.

    • Jorja: (On looking at realistic corpses)
      I'm especially queasy and weak and sensitive to it. It's not just how gross and graphic it is, but it's the way in which it happened, that somebody horribly killed someone else. And God forbid we're doing a case that's based on a real story, that adds a whole other dimension to how bad I feel. It's like the violence of the crime is more repulsive to me than the graphicness of whatever we're showing. So it's not just peeling a face back in a coroner's office, far grosser to me is how the person got to be there.

    • Jorja: (On working with bugs on CSI) We've lost the evidence a lot. Bugs are tough, they're really hard to catch and you're trying not to hurt them at the same time. And they come with their own wrangler so there's no harming of insects on this show.

    • Jorja: In this day and age, I believe it is of vital importance to find ways to transcend the stereotypes and misconceptions we might have of each other and to recognize how much we have in common. The importance of family, our love of nature and beauty, and most of all our desire for freedom and equality, are ideals we all share.

    • Jorja: (on plans beyond CSI) I'd love to be a producer when I grow up. I'm trying, like the play this summer and other than that I'm pretty open, I mean obviously I'll keep acting as long as people keep being willing to work with me you know. I'm lucky, I've just done my tenth year on network television in a row, so I do think there's a part of me that's like, 'Man, I should just go work on a farm for a year! and then try and come back. Take a little break and get out of people's living rooms. (laughs)

    • Jorja: (on more character-driven episodes) I think we all get really excited. Also, it's kind of scary, especially if you're going some place that the show hasn't gone so much before. I feel I've been really lucky in that way, I've got to be the guinea pig a couple of times; it's amazing and fun and terrifying, and I'm always just crossing my fingers and hoping that it works. It's been really nice to see a lot of the other characters do that this year.

    • Jorja: (On being a CSI) I couldn't possibly do it. I have a tremendous amount of respect for the folks that do it. I think they're amazing. They're really brave, and the burn-out rate is very high actually. People do it for a certain amount of time and then they move on to other stuff.

    • Jorja: (Jorja, like her characer Sara Sidle, is a bit pessimistic when it comes to weddings.) I am not really acting in this episode, I just show up. Deep down inside, I think there is a romantic that lives inside Sara, but I think she thinks that a lot of people get married for the wrong reason and the wrong way and this wedding is a good example.

    • Jorja: (when asked what she liked most about her character) I love that I'm playing someone who's like worlds smarter than I am! It's a really great feeling that - always a good reason to get out of bed, like 'I went to Harvard and Berkeley and studied physics, nuclear fission…'

    • Jorja: I have been very fortunate in [the entertainment] business, and I am very grateful for that. I wish the same for everyone out there, especially everyone who dares to dream.

    • Jorja: I'm sure now that grieving and healing are the same thing sometimes, and magic and death are the same thing sometimes, and trusting and failing are the same thing sometimes.

    • Jorja: It never ceases to amaze me what people do to each other!

    • Jorja: (following 9/11) I grew up believing my generation would be better. We would be kinder, we would be more level-headed. We would be more loving. And so many people are missing.

    • Jorja: Beauty is everything. Love is innocent. A future with the perfect man is life.

    • Jorja: I'd do a nude scene for world peace or if I were facing some serious jail time, but I'm also a sucker for a good bottle of wine and candlelight.

    • Jorja: (on her role in CSI) I'm not getting younger and sometimes I think it's time to move on. But I'm not ready to let this job go just yet!

    • Jorja: I have just completed my 10th year on prime-time television and I thought to myself over the years that it would be really cool to do 10 years on TV, hit the mark and think about things. So from this point on, there's no script. It's unchartered territory.

    • Jorja: (On how she feels about the Sara and Grissom story line) These two people, they have a lot in common. They're both really not great with people in many respects and they're emotionally detached in many respects. If two people like that can kind of find each other, there's something really beautiful in that.

    • Jorja: (On playing out the Sara and Grissom relationship) You have to think all over again, really who is this person and how would she respond and how would she be in this situation. Because she had a couple of boyfriends that she liked, but her sights have sort of always been on this one man.

    • Jorja: (on where you'll see her in five years) Helping to launch the spin-off CSI: Boise.

  • A compelling character with great inner strength, compassion and empathy

    Kudos to CIS for giving its viewers such a unique character. She should be lauded for being comfortable in her own skin. I'll take a Sara - gap tooth, stringy hair and whatnot - anytime than some characters with highly Botox'ed faces.

    Kudos to William Petersen for recognizing that special quality Jorja could bring to the character and the show. It ended up giving the viewers one of the most endearing paring on any TV shows. Philly dot com said it the best back on July 17, find Fox to be charming (she's got an exquisitely complex face whose slightest gesture tells a whole story), but also because her character, Sara Sidle, has had some serious chemistry with head CSI dude Gil Grissom (William L. Petersen)"

    I felt bad for one of the fellow CSI fans -- aka detestable - here. Still harboring resentment and hate after all these years. Based on what? False assumption. CSI never tried to have Sara portrayed as glamorous and attractive. On the contrary, the show tended to emphasize the inner aspects of this character; hence they downplayed her looks. (She can be glamorous if she gets dolled up like other Hollywood actresses. Have you seen the photoshoot she did for The Stuff Magazine in 2002? That girl can seriously gives LH a run for her money. I actually think CSI created LH's look based on Jorja's

    I don't know how others' looks should have impact on us. Jorja is comfortable with the way she looks, and has chosen not to temper or tinker with it. I don't see there's anything wrong with it. It shows self-confidence and maturity to me actually. Besides, there are tons of celebrities with this condition called 'Diastema'. I am sure it's not their intention to annoy you. Furthermore, who can say any of us is perfect looking in every sense?

    Holly Gibbs didn't resonate well with the prescreening/testing group. So CSI TPTB brought in a seasoned and strong female character to replace the rookie after they decided to write HG out of the show. Well, it'd be better you deal with it and get on/move on. Sara stayed. Grissom got the only woman he ever loved back to his life. CSI is over. Life goes on.moreless
  • Incompetent, unattractive and SOOOO annoying to watch

    Whoever casted her should be thrown in jail, this woman should not be allowed to act (if that's what you want to call