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  • He's a great singer.

    Feliciano is a very good voice actor that is blind and he's from my country Puerto Rico and i'm also editor for him.

    Anyway he is very talented in playing the guitar, the bongos, and many more instruments. He is from a big family of eight children if i'm sure and he used to lock himself in his room when he was young to hear my artists from the 50s and to learn how to play the guitar right. He has done many artistic songs in his run through the musical world and also has made main songs for TV series and movies.
  • Great actor, great person!

    What a great guy, I remember when he was in a show that I use to love, I forgot the name but it I still remember the show by heart, it was a great show by far, my favorite of all time and when it got canceled I was o devastated, that is how much Jose captivated is audience and that is how much I just loved to watch him perform! This guys is not only great he is original, talented, and one of the best male actors I have ever seen in all of Tv. Jose has come from so much and he has made so much of it which makes him respected by many and loved by most all! Jose is still one of my favorites and I really can not express how much he means to me as a actor, Jose, You rock! Keep up the fabulous work. Great actor, great person! A+ by far!
  • Jose feliciano is a puertorican singer and song writer.

    Jose Feliciano is a very talented singer. He sings in both English and Spanish. Even though Jose Feliciano is blind he writes beautiful music. Jose Feliciano has received a total of six Grammy Awards. The Grammy awards are two in English and four in Spanish. He has won sixteen nominations over the years, an accomplishment that he treasures dearly. Jose Feliciano truly has a gift, beyond the obvious, which he shares with us through his songs. Jose Feliciano wrote the song Feliz navidad that became so very popular in the Hispanic countries and in the U.S. Still around the Christmas time of year you could hear me and other people sing this famous song which is wishing everyone a merry Christmas both in English and in Spanish.