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  • Trivia

    • José was one of the groomsmen at Elizabeth Taylor's wedding to Larry Fortensky.

    • In the early 80's, José appeared many times on the talk show Hour Magazine. In 1995 he also made a guest appearance on a show called Hope and Gloria (the episode title was "An Embarassment of Teapots"). He's also been on Oprah, and a number of other national and local talk shows. In 2006, on the Fine Living channel, he was on episode number FLYRC-201 of "Your Reality Checked."

    • Many people mispronounce and mis-spell José's first name. Because of the Spanish influence here in the U.S., people pronounce his first name HOE-zay, and spell his first name Jose. Actually, because he is French, is first name is pronounced JOE-zay and spelled José (accented e).

    • Jose Eber: Think of all the times you have been in a restaurant or at a party or a meeting and a woman has walked in to the room and you've hated her because she appears so perfect. She floats instead of walks. Her posture shows her self-confidence. Her clothes, her makeup and her hair are le dernier cri, the last word. You think she is absolutely beautiful. Then, because you can't stop staring at her, you get a better look. Her nose is too long, her mouth too big, her jaw too wide. She's very ordinary. In fact, you are prettier. So why did she take your breath away? Because her total look was created to give the illusion of perfect beauty. She is in control. You can be too, darling.

  • Quotes

    • Jose Eber: If you have inner beauty, it is much easier to find outer beauty. When you see yourself through gentler eyes, you'll see the whole world through gentler eyes. You will be able to look at what you once thought was a flaw and understand that it is a personal distinction. You will have the ability to correct the things you can and accept the things you can't. With a smile. You'll take pride in both your internal and external appearance.