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  • I wrote the following after listening to an interview on the radio about Campbell: Myth works when you know what it is about, when it says something to you because it says something about you. We must become mythic as a species if we are to survive.


    The great individuation of cultures each based on their myths must lead, through an emphasis on their similarities, to a planetization of mankind. For all things are one; the hero has a thousand faces, a unity in diversity.Myth is like a force field; it unfolds and calls forth our own special genius and is the basis of our understanding of our world, ourselves and our own transformation through life's inevitable trials and tribulations.-Robert Siegel discussing Joseph Campbell on "The Spirit of Things", ABC Radio National, 17 January 1999, 6:05-7:00 pm.

    You popularized an attitude, an understanding,
    of myth with a remarkable consistency with that universal myth that has captured my heart and mind in this post-war world. (1) I have been redesigning, retooling this protean self and losing myself, giving myself, expanding myself
    around this mythic base, this essence, this core, where a yearning, pathos, has produced a sweetness, dulce, settling in, an abundance scooped up, an updraft,scooped up, with a bliss quotient that is inestimable,indefinable. But there is always the work, the giving, always more, a doubling of effort, a fatigue, a mystery,a sadness, a tension, a working out of the myth in my
    own life, in its individuality and its collective identity.

    Ron Price
    17 January 1999

    1 Joseph Campbell is the great popularizer of myth in the post-war period, beginning with his first book The Hero With a Thousand Faces(1949). There are many similarities between Campbell and the Baha'i concept of myth, certainly a great deal that has been useful to me.