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  • Lenny Scissorhands

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    S 12 : Ep 18 - 2/15/05

    Ortiz and Murphy arrived on the scene of a shooting, where two of Sipowicz's men were involved in chasing down a suspect, who got away after he able to shoot one of the officers. Back at the squad, Sipowicz tells the pair about a possible witness to the crime that he saw while they were all still at the scene, an elderly woman sitting at her window. Even though it is Medavoy's last day on the job, Sipowicz doesn't feel like getting his picture taken. With Medavoy leaving Clark is now partnered with Jones and together they go to the scene of crime, where a woman, Deborah Olshan, was beaten to death in her home, a possible victim of a robbery. At the scene they interview Maxine Annunziato, her friend and the one who discovered the body. Murphy and Ortiz talk with the woman that Sipowicz identified as a probable witness to the shooting of the officers. She tells them that she saw the officers enter the building, but she didn't see them chasing anyone. Clark and Jones return to the squad to find Barry Olshan and his attorney waiting for him. They talk with him and he goes over his wife's normal routine. Since there was no obvious sign of forced entry they begin pursuing a line of questioning regarding his business. Also the fact that he has brought his attorney along with him raises some questions in their mind. Clark and Jones interview employees at the jewelry store. One of them opens up about the behavior of Debbie Olshan and her friend, Maxine Annunziato. Ortiz and Murphy meet Off. Perez at the hospital to go through the sequence of events. His recounting is different than that of the woman from across the street. Clark and Jones go back to talk with Maxine Annunziato about the last time she was with her friend. She tells them about a business deal they had going to open a salon and they discussed that. She tells about a man Debbie called "Russian Mike" that they met from time to time when they would go out to the clubs together. "Russian Mike" was interested in the diamond that she wore. On the way back through the precinct lobby, Clark stops and talk with Sipowicz about the current case. When asked about working with Jones, Clark says he thinks its okay, but he tells Sipowicz he'd rather be working with him, something that Sipowicz tells him he doesn't want to hear again. Clark and Jones find out where to find "Russian Mike". Murphy and Ortiz talk with Off. Donatelli about the sequence of events. His story matches the one Perez gave them, but neither matches the description of the witness. When confronted with that information Donatelli starts to become uncooperative. Back at the squad Ortiz comments that she suspects that Donatelli's wife knows something and she believes they should go back and try to talking with her alone. Medavoy is still taking photos on his last day. Jones and Clark return to the squad and ask Bale to join them on hitting the apartment of "Russian Mike." By having Bale come along they don't have to deal with the headache of dealing with Emergency Service. Jones asks Medavoy if he'd like to come along. The detectives enter the apartment, but Bale who is still in the hallway is shot by someone fleeing into the hallway from another apartment. At the hospital the Chief of Detectives, Duffy, has arrived on the scene and he tells Sipowicz to get "out of the bag" and "back in the suit" and start working the case of Bale's shooting. Back at the squad, Barry Olshan comes back in without his attorney and confesses that he uses his business to redistribute money. He tells them about a business dealing he had with Lenny Russo and Maxine Annunziato. He recent embracing of his religion with his wife was having him put a stop to his illegal activities, which also meant he wasn't going to back the hair salon they wanted to open. Murphy and Ortiz talk with Donatelli's wife and she tells them that her husband has terminal cancer, that he didn't want anyone to know about. Back in the suit, Sipowicz tells "Russian Mike" that he will tell him the name of the man who shot Bale. After some convincing, "Russian Mike" gives him the name Sergei Yesenin and he tells them what little he knows about Sergei's possible whereabouts. # Clark and Jones interview Lenny Russo about his possible deal with Barry Olshan, which leads to them getting him to confess to trying to rob the apartment. Debbie Olshan walked in on the middle of the robbery and attacked him. He tells them that Maxine Annunziato gave him all the information he needed to commit the robbery, implicating her. Murphy and Ortiz talk with Perez about what they know about Donatelli's cancer. Perez tells them that they were just trying to look out for Donatelli's family by getting him ¾ quarters of his pension for a line of duty shooting. They talk with Sipowicz, who tells them that an accidental shooting would entitle him to the same thing. He agrees to help them work the paperwork out to Donatelli's advantage. Clark and Jones reinterview Maxine Annunziato about what Lenny Russo told him and what they know. Bale is out of surgery and stable. Following up on the shooter, "Russian Mike"'s information was good but they still haven't located Sergei Yesenin. With all that was going on, everyone has forgotten that it was Medavoy's last day. Sipowicz talks with him and tells him that despite what is currently going on he should still take advantage of his opportunity to have something to go to. Sipowicz "out of the bag" finally agrees to take a photo, with Medavoy.moreless
  • Old Man Quiver

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    S 12 : Ep 16 - 2/1/05

    Sipowicz and Clark arrive at the home of an 80-year-old millionaire, Hugh Rasmussen, who was smothered to death. They talk to the man's secretary, Judith Howell, a middle-aged woman, who found the body. Then the wife, Amy Rasmussen arrives back home; she's come back from the gym and she is young enough (28-years-old) to be the victim's granddaughter. She acknowledges the comments that her husband has been thought about as a dirty old man and that she may be considered a gold digger, but as far as she's concerned they can all go straight to hell, she loved her husband. Sipowicz and Clark run the basics of what they know so far by Bale and Bale notes to Sipowicz that today is the day of his promotion and he offers his congratulations. Jones and Medavoy go to a retirement home, where Olive Rosenthal was found dead. The doctor found a suspicious needle mark on the woman's body. The director of the home wants the detectives to avoid talking to the other residents, but they tell her that will be impossible during a homicide investigation. Sipowicz and Clark talk with Rasmussen's attorney to find out the financial arrangements between the old man and his young wife, she stood to inherit $60 million if he died while they were still together. He also tells about one relationship he knows that wife had that resulted in her getting her husband to buy that man a truck. He gives them the name Richard Pencava. Medavoy and Jones talk with Nora Rosenthal, daughter of their victim. The woman suspects that her mother's caregiver Eleanor Jackson, whom the detectives met at the home, is responsible at the very least she suspects Eleanor Jackson of stealing from her mother. The detectives tell that without probable cause they won't be able to get a search warrant. Nora Rosenthal, who is a state Supreme Court judge, tells them who she is and that she knows what it takes to get a warrant. At the retirement home Medavoy and Jones interview one of Olive Rosenthal's fellow residents, Belle. When Enid enters the room, they find out that Belle is angry with Enid for not being upset about the morning's events. Sipowicz and Clark find Richard Pencava and ask him about his relationship with Amy Rasmussen, having found a quantity of cocaine in his possession, they bring him in. Munson has brought in a search warrant for Medavoy and Jones to execute on Eleanor Jackson's home. Clark wants to know if Munson is available for lunch, but she can't make it because she is scheduled to have lunch with her father. She suggests that he join them, only so that it doesn't become another career counseling session for her. Bale wants to know if Sipowicz has thought about what he wants to do after his promotion. Sipowicz hadn't considered it, but when Bale suggests that he can make a call to see if Sipowicz can be retained on patrol he is agreeable to that circumstance. Sipowicz and Clark begin their interview of Richard Pencava; they want to know why he was seeing Amy Rasmussen. He tells them about a building he was hoping that Amy could help him purchase. Seeing an opportunity Pencava suggests that the cocaine charges might be dropped against him if he testifies against Amy Rasmussen, who he implies may have wanted her husband dead. Eleanor Jackson is interviewed by Jones and Medavoy and she tells them that she was given most of those items by the victim. She only admits to taking a bracelet, and that was only after she had been yelled at on the phone by Nora Rosenthal, a woman who barely seemed to care for her mother. She only visited about once a month. At lunch, Munson and Clark listen as her father does what she hoped to avoid, offer her career advice. It causes her discomfort and she leaves the table. The toxicology screen comes back on Olive Rosenthal; she was killed by the same drugs used by veterinarians to euthanize pets. Amy Rasmussen is brought in for questioning and she tells them about her relationship with Richard Pencava, but she also tells them about her past as a strung out call girl and how she met her husband and fell in love with the man who helped her get rehabilitated. Clark doesn't believe Amy Rasmussen is guilty, but Sipowicz thinks he might be thinking with a different head. Clark suggests that they talk to the victim's brother, to investigate the trust angle. Owen Munson comes into the squad with an offer for Clark; he offers him the possibility for some bodyguard work that would pay $1000 day. Clark tells him depending on what is going on here at work, he will consider the offer. Jones and Medavoy want a warrant to search Enid's room at the retirement home, it turns out she is a retired veterinarian. Sipowicz and Clark find their victim's brother, Jerry Rasmussen at an OTB. He tells them about his relationship with his brother, and his brother's first wife. He talks about the secretary and the only time she was ever nice to him when just after the death of his brother's first wife. He had the impression that she thought she was first in line to marry her boss. Amy came into the picture less than a year later. Jones and Medavoy interview Enid, and she tells them that she was tired of making adjustments, that Olive was a needy thing who took her friend Belle away from her. She wanted things to go back to the way they were before Olive arrived. Sipowicz gets a call; he tells everyone that he is going to be retained on patrol at the 15th. Munson arrives and Clark tells her about her father's visit and offer that he was considering. She tells him that her father is only doing this to manipulate her with his own agenda, which likely doesn't include her going out with someone like Clark. Despite knowing that Enid was guilty of killing her mother, Nora Rosenthal still wants to press charges against Eleanor Jackson, but the detectives and Bale convince her otherwise. Sipowicz and Clark go back to talk with Judith Howell, who shows them a scrapbook she has made of Hugh Rasmussen's career. They go over her timeline and indicate to her that they know she was at the Rasmussen home an hour before she said she arrived. They press her about the fact that she didn't get the reward for her years of dedicated service, loyalty and sacrifice. She tells them about Rasmussen's plan to make some changes, if she couldn't be civil to his wife, which pushed her into smothering him to death. Clark tells Amy Rasmussen about Judith Howell's guilt and that Richard Pencava was ready to send her away if he could deal his way out of the cocaine charge. Sipowicz gets into his dress blues and proceeds downstairs to the lobby, where all the members of the 15th precinct salute him.moreless
  • Bale Out

    Full Episode

    S 12 : Ep 11 - 12/14/04

    The detectives are on the roof of a parking garage, where an attorney has been found shot to death in his car and the apparent victim of a robbery. Medavoy is sporting a new shirt, which is a little bright in the other guys' eyes. Back at the squad, Sipowicz and Clark run the case by Bale. The murder might have been part of a pattern of robberies, since three similar robberies had been reported in that area, but this one was the first to result in a death. It's been two weeks, but the results of the sergeant's exam haven't been published yet. Medavoy gets more grief about his outfit, but both Murphy and John Irvin love it. Murphy and Ortiz are sent off to a schoolyard shooting and as Jones and Medavoy are departing, Medavoy suggests that they might make a detour if they pass a menswear shop. Murphy and Ortiz arrive at the shooting scene. The guys at the schoolyard are preparing for a basketball tournament. One of the players on the court, Tyler Newell, might be the next Lebron James. The detectives want to find out how to get hold of the organizer, Marcus Dayton. John Irvin gives Sipowicz and Clark information that there are a couple of "discrete" pickup bars located in the area of their homicide. Dr. Russell Fain, a dentist who was robbed in the suspected robbery pattern comes in and tells Sipowicz and Clark what little he remembers about his robbery from two months earlier. One of the victim's fellow attorneys won't say anything for sure about the sexual proclivity of his late colleague. The tournament director, Marcus Dayton, comes into talk with Murphy and Ortiz. Sipowicz tells them before their interview that Marcus Dayton was a known gambler and bookmaker in the past. Dayton doesn't know anything about any possible gang activity or gambling connections with his tournament. He suspects that Tyler Newell's older brother, someone who didn't make it to the big time, might be responsible for the shooting. At a men's store, Medavoy looks for a new shirt and Jones, who really doesn't want to be there, gives him some half-hearted advice on a new shirt and tie. Murphy and Ortiz talk to Stanley Newell about his relationship with his brother Tyler and with Marcus Dayton. He has no relationship with Marcus Dayton, but says that Marcus Dayton is out for Marcus Dayton and what it will mean for his brother's future remains to be seen. The gun used in the schoolyard shooting was used in a crime three years earlier committed by Lucas Benchley, only the gun was never recovered. Medavoy has lunch with Brigid Scofield and makes some noise that he might be looking for help finding an apartment in Manhattan. When his only credit card is declined, Medavoy is embarrassed when he finds he is unable to pay for lunch; fortunately she has him covered. Lucas Benchley, owner of the gun has come in for questioning. He tells Murphy and Ortiz that he sold the gun as soon as he got about of prison, to a guy named "Pee Wee." A hit off a print from the car is found belonging to a Kyle Tanner, someone who once went to prison for committing a robbery. Sipowicz and Clark leave to bring him back to the house for questioning; meanwhile Murphy and Ortiz find "Pee Wee." He tells them that he sold the gun to Tyler Newell and the person who sent Tyler to him was Marcus Dayton. Sipowicz and Clark talk with Kyle Tanner and they get his cooperation to look through his apartment for a gun, if anything just to prove he wasn't involved in the robbery. Sipowicz and Clark search Tanner's apartment and Sipowicz finds some credit cards stashed in the freezer. Murphy and Ortiz talk with Tyler Newell about his purchase of the gun. He bought it just to have on. He tells them that his brother Stanley has the gun now, since his grandmother had found it. His brother was mad at him for having it, saying it was going to mess up his life. Medavoy gets his credit card issue resolved. Sipowicz and Clark run the current state of their case by Bale and the dentist has returned to the squad to give them additional information about his robbery. He tells them about the guy he met at a bar and that he feels he should be able to identify his attacker. The dentist picks Kyle Tanner out of a lineup. Murphy and Ortiz bring Randolph back in. He tells them that he shot at his brother, in some kind of effort to prevent his brother from going down the same path he did, ultimately working for someone like Marcus Dayton and never getting the chance to make the pros. Murphy and Ortiz bring Stanley in to have a talk with his brother and Stanley is able to indicate to his brother that he has been working towards trying to be there for him. Sipowicz and Clark go back at Kyle Tanner with what they know from the lineup, but Tanner is counting on the fact that the guys he has robbed won't testify against him in open court. After some convincing on Sipowicz's behalf, Tanner confesses to shooting the attorney. Sipowicz goes into Bale's office and tells him the status of the case and he also drops a credit card he found in Tanner's apartment on Bale's desk. The credit card belongs to Bale. Murphy and Ortiz try to get Munson to be lenient in the schoolyard shooting, Bale with something else on his mind tells them to work it out amongst themselves. Munson's boyfriend calls and has to cancel his accompanying her to a function, if she goes to the function unescorted; she knows the judge is going to want to put his "learned hands" all over her. Clark volunteers to be her escort for the evening. Medavoy goes in search of the right type of flowers to send to Brigid Scofield, along with a card and $100 to pay for lunch. At the party Clark comes to Munson's aid when the lecherous judge is putting on a full court press. Bale quizzes Sipowicz to find out what he plans on doing with the information he has about him. Sipowicz tells him that he has nothing to tell anyone.moreless
  • Chatty Chatty Bang Bang

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    S 11 : Ep 12 - 3/2/04

    Sipowicz and Clark are at the scene of a hit and run, where the driver of an SUV has struck down a guy on a bike and killed the young daughter of a known mobster. They move over to the scene, where the suspect's SUV has been found, but the young black men at the scene, who impeded a group of Italian boys who were looking to hold the driver and the vehicle for the police claim to not know the whereabouts or the identity of the driver. Back at the squad they find out the SUV was reported stolen and the others find out about Jones plans to become qualified as a foster parent for Michael Woodruff. Ortiz and Medavoy go to the hospital to interview a woman who was raped in her own apartment. Jones reports back from the canvas that a plate number was obtained from a vehicle leaving the scene, which gives them a lead to start with. Meanwhile an anonymous caller on the hit and run gives the detectives the name Calvin George. They get George's address and go to the home, only to find a car full of Italian gentlemen waiting across the street. Sipowicz warns the Italians to go about their business. He and Clark find Clavin George's mother, who they inform about Calvin's pending predicament. Jones and Medavoy talk with Norman Reese, the guy whose vehicle was seen fleeing the scene, he tells him that their victim wanted to be raped and he has all of their chat-room conversations saved and offers it to the detectives as proof. In the meantime, Calvin George's mother calls, she reports that shots have been fired into her apartment. Sipowicz and Clark try to emphasize to Calvin's mother the need for her son to turn himself in and get some protection. Jones goes to the interview with CFS and relates to the interviewer his own story about growing up and his own need for a father figure, which he feels add to his qualifications for looking out for Michael. The rape victim comes into the squad for an interview with Medavoy and Ortiz. She tells them she knows about chat-rooms, but doesn't know anything the kind of chat-rooms that they are asking her about. Medavoy and Ortiz both feel that she is telling the truth. Rodriguez announces his plans for retirement to the squad. He'll let them know when he knows when he is going to have his official last day, which doesn't sit well with Sipowicz. The ISP finally reveals the name for the screen name ‘NastyGirl' actually belongs to a woman named Courtney Bates. Ortiz and Medavoy plan to bring her in for questioning, but first Medavoy does what he always does, he asks Rodriguez the reason for his sudden departure. Clark and Sipowicz go to see Tony Grimaldi to ask some questions and to warn him to call off his dogs, which Grimaldi agrees to do, as long as the man responsible pays an adequate price for the loss of his daughter. Courtney Bates is brought in, but denies having used the screen name and mentions the ‘space cadet' from down the hall that she occasionally lets use her old second hand machine. Clark and Sipowicz finally get to talk with Calvin George, who tells them a tale that they find hard to believe. Sipowicz reports to Rodriguez about George and then he starts asking questions about the reasons for Rodriguez's retirement. The other hit and run victim has regained consciousness and Clark and Sipowicz show him a photo of Calvin George and others. He tells them that the driver of the SUV was a white guy. Michelle Foster's husband is brought in and asked about his relationship with Courtney Bates, a woman whose phone records indicate he's had several conversations with her. Now they need to prove that Courtney setup the rape of the Michelle Foster. Clark and Sipowicz talk with a woman who witnessed the SUV being dropped off by a white guy and picked up by the black guy. She gives them the name Danny Puglisi. Courtney Bates is brought back in for further questioning and she calls the rape a prank that got out of control. Sipowicz and Clark go to Danny Puglisi's apartment and find his father there. Danny's father was one of the Italians who were looking for Calvin George earlier in the day. They get the truth out of Danny and his father goes to make it right with Tony Grimaldi, but as Sipowicz and Clark with later see, it's Danny's father who will pay the price for his son's actions that morning. Later that night, Baldwin, Valerie and Michael have dinner and discuss the next steps with the CFS process. Meantime, Tony and Rita are having dinner at hotel restaurant and eventually they find themselves checking in.moreless
  • Your Bus, Ted

    Full Episode

    S 11 : Ep 2 - 9/30/03

    The detectives are on the scene of a transvestite's murder. They know the victim's friend "Monika" from a case from the previous year and when Sipowicz's charm doesn't work with that friend, McDowell and Ortiz step in and take over the interview and ultimately the case. Haywood has Martens on the stand, where he tells them about the unusual activity that IAB has had with 15th precinct. He also talks about Fraker's state of mind on the day of the Rodriguez shooting. Sipowicz and Clark go to the hospital where a surgeon was knifed. Dr. Devlin asks Clark for special attention on this case, as the surgeon was a great teacher for her. The doctor, has trouble remembering what his attacker looked like, he only remembers the knife. Back at the squad, Rodriguez tells them that the doctor once did some work for someone the mayor knows, so the case is high profile. Jones learns from hospital security that Nathan Dale might be someone worth talking to in the surgeon's stabbing as he had a confrontation with the doctor a few weeks back. Medavoy reports what he's heard about the trial and gives the current odds at 2:1 for the prosecution. McDowell and Ortiz talk with Josh McCain, a man who may be more than a friend of their transvestite victim. Sipowicz and Clark manage to find Nathan Dale and bring him in. Sipowicz and Clark interview Dale, who claims he was sleeping at the time the doctor was stabbed. The other detectives talk with Monika (who's sitting in Sipowicz's seat) about her dead friend's relationship with Josh and a one his co-workers named Rick. Seeing that Monika had been sitting in his seat, Sipowicz switches chairs with Medavoy. After he is brought in, Medavoy and Jones talk with Rick, who after a little persuasion starts to take apart Josh's alibi. Sipowicz and Clark talk again with Dale, who they present with his rap sheet, which proves he's used his knife before in muggings. Haywood has Fraker's ex-girlfriend on the stand and she talks about her history with him and her possible subsequent sexual harassment lawsuit against Fraker. McDowell and Ortiz go back at Josh, telling him his alibi has fallen apart. He confesses to this "crime of passion," the passion part of which he denies. He tells them about Melissa's stash of cash for her eventual sex-change operation. Sipowicz and Clark try to work with Dale to get together a package statement that will get him a deal for the recent muggings and the stabbing of the doctor. McDowell and Ortiz talk with Monika about Melissa's missing money. Monika tells them that he has sent the money to his son (who is destitute along with his mother) and that he doesn't intend of getting that money back. The doctor fails to ID Dale in a lineup, but the detectives tell him not to worry, since they have a guy who has already confessed to the crime. This statement seems to take the doctor by surprise. Rodriguez takes the stand and tells in a matter of fact way what happened. On his cross-examination, Sinclair tries to bring up facts from Rodriguez's past including complaints from civilians and incidents with his late ex-wife. Haywood's objections during the cross are the only thing that seems to help Rodriguez during this time, but Sinclair has definitely gotten him rattled. Rodriguez returns and nixes McDowell and Ortiz's thoughts that Monika should be let go. The doctor returns to the squad wanting to know what is going to happen to the man who has confessed to knifing him. They lay it for him and he tells them the story of his wife, who current medical condition has drained his financial resources. The doctor confesses that he has cut himself for the insurance money. They tell the doctor to go to the hospital, have his scheduled surgery and wait there. Sipowicz and Clark report to Rodriguez the latest development. Rodriguez wants them to just take care of this latest development and leave him out of it for the moment, as he has enough on his mind. Ortiz comes into Rodriguez's office and offers to give him someone to talk with. He agrees and also tells her that whatever she and McDowell decide to do with Monika is okay with him. While Sipowicz and Clark try to figure out how to adjust Dale's statement, John Irvin comes back into the squad reporting that a bus has hit the doctor. Sipowicz and Clark go down to the scene, where the doctor's final words to them are that his will is in the hands of his attorney. Rodriguez and Ortiz walk home together and discuss the case, but he tells her the only way he can get through this is to just keep going forward. She tells him that she is there if he needs her.moreless
  • Marine Life

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    S 10 : Ep 18 - 4/15/03

    The morning after their breakup and Clark and Ortiz are on the scene of a homicide and there is a hint of tension. Aware of what has transpired, Sipowicz tells McDowell that it is just a matter of time before it hits the fan between Clark and Ortiz. The homicide the detectives have caught involves a victim who was bludgeoned to death. The murder weapon is still at the scene and contains one good fingerprint. Back at the squad they run the case for Rodriguez. Sipowicz gets a call from Theo's teacher, who refers to McDowell as Mrs. Sipowicz, something which appears to make Sipowicz uncomfortable. Jones and Medavoy are sent to the scene of an assault, once the get there the victim (a Russian woman) claims that she is okay and doesn't want to press charges. The woman's husband, Roy Pardee arrives on the scene. Sipowicz and Clark arrive at the office of Carla Whitford, a woman who was doing business with their victim. Sipowicz plays the answering machine message she left for their victim. She tells them the victim was gay and is "a grade A prick." Jones and Medavoy talk with Roy Pardee and he tells him that he really doesn't know anything about his wife's personal life, she is very secretive. After discussing the case, Rita reminds John about the naïveté of the concept of remaining friends during the short term. At the criminal courts building, Haywood tries to keep a jury convicted drug dealer Jerry Wells from being released on bail (the only witness against him has recanted his testimony). The judge lets Wells go, but as he prepares to leave, he makes a comment to Haywood about there being no hard feelings and he winks at her as he leaves the courtroom. McDowell and Ortiz talk with Justin Tangier who they've found is using their victim's credit card. He tells them that he was using the in conjunction with his band that the victim was backing. He gives them the name Remy Blanchard as his alibi. Jones and Medavoy talk with their victim's co-worker, whom they've been told that he is more than friends with. He tells them about that the relationship that their victim has with her husband Roy Pardee. Blanchard confirms Justin's alibi; but the fingerprint on the murder weapon gives the detectives the name of an AWOL Marine named Russell Stokes, whom another witness says was seen with Blanchard. Sipowicz and Clark go the apartment of Remy Blanchard and they get him to admit knowing Stokes. They get Blanchard to place a call to Stokes and have him return to the apartment. When Stokes returns, Sipowicz and Clark take him into custody. Jones and Medavoy reinterview Roy Pardee about his wife. They tell him they also know about his previous marriage to another mail order bride, who mysteriously disappeared a few years earlier. Sipowicz and Clark bring Stokes into the precinct. Before they can get him to the pokey room for questioning, John Irvin has a chance to see him and recognizes something in him that he had gone through 15 years earlier, which is being gay and coming to grips with it. Stokes is brought into the pokey room and gives them his story, which is that Justin had brought him to the victim's apartment and that he woke up with the murder weapon in his hand. When confronted with being outed, Stokes tries to position himself as being able to commit to the crime. He tells them that they need to talk to Justin. John Irvin has witnessed their interview of Stokes. Jones and Medavoy run their case by Rodriguez as Haywood arrives. She is there to talk with Jones about the creepy feeling she got from Jerry Wells earlier in the day. He gets Wells information from her and tells her that he will take care of it. McDowell and Ortiz go back at Justin. He only admits to making a phone call, which set the meeting up between Stokes and the victim. Sipowicz and Clark talk with Haywood about their case with Stokes. They plan to go back at Stokes, when John Irvin confesses to Sipowicz that he watched their interview of Stokes. He hears what John Irvin has to say about Randall Stokes, it makes Sipowicz decide that they need to go back at Remy Blanchard. They get him to admit to concocting a story with Justin and they bring him to the pokey to confront Justin. Justin gives them the story of what happened. Jones and Medavoy interview Pardee's brother, who they suspect may have assisted his brother in beating his current wife and getting rid of his first wife. Using his FBI lie detection technique, Medavoy get Pardee's brother (who is slow of mind) to confess to his crimes. The brother confesses that he alone had killed his brother's first wife and beat his current wife, since both women were just using his brother. Sipowicz and Clark come down to Stokes cell and tell them about Justin copping to the murder. John Irvin comes into Stokes' cell and talk with him about the issues he perceives that Stokes is facing, just to let him know that there is help available out there. Jones and Medavoy take Roy Pardee out to where they've found that his brother has buried the body of his first wife. Later, Jones goes to the apartment of Jerry Wells and lays down the law for him regarding Haywood. Andy and Connie attend Theo's performance, where plays the letter "Z." They meet his teacher and clarify the relationship issue, but the discussion gives Andy pause for thought.moreless
  • Below the Belt

    Full Episode

    S 10 : Ep 8 - 11/19/02

    Angela comes into Tony's office and tells she does want something after all; she wants him to take a look a spot on her inner thigh where she thinks she was injured on the subway this morning. As his office isn't the right place for that sort of activity, he takes her into the observation room for a look and then some. At the scene of a homicide where the detectives have all gathered, one of the uniforms recognizes the victim as one of the precinct's auxiliary cops, her name is Heather Peterson, who is 17-years-old. At the squad they report in on what they know so far and start to go through Heather's affects. McDowell and Ortiz are sent out to a firebombing of car. The owner of the car and his sister isn't very forthcoming with useful information. Sipowicz and Clark Jr. interview their victim's last known boyfriend, who she had an order of protection against. He consents to search of things, which turns up nothing for the detectives. Haywood talks with Jones about her grandmother who she believes is getting involved in a phone scam. Her grandmother doesn't want any help from her; in fact she threatens to stop to speaking to her if she does. Jones agrees to look into it for her. McDowell and Ortiz can't find anything to go with what their firebomb victims told them, then a call comes in about a stabbing, where the victim is located just across the street from the firebombed car they looked into earlier. Medavoy reports that Heather's diary contains the names and contact information for numerous uniforms within the precinct. They also realize that the girl's diary records her encounters with other officers in the precinct. Sipowicz and Clark Jr. interview the captain of the auxiliary unit Heather was assigned to. They produce the girl's diary and talk with him about his relationship with her, and also suggest to him that he step down from his post. McDowell and Ortiz arrive at the scene and encounter a stabbing victim who isn't very forthcoming with information about who stabbed him or who may have provided him with the beating he was subjected to. Jones meets with Haywood's grandmother and finds out that she has in fact been the victim of a phone scam. Sipowicz and Clark Jr. talk with Shannon, who admits to having relations with Heather, and later Laughlin, who won't admit to having any relationship with her, since he doesn't trust the detectives. He tells them where he was, but won't admit to any relationship with the girl, not without his delegate and lawyer present. Even though they have just returned to the squad, McDowell and Ortiz are sent back down to the street of the firebombing, where shots have been reported fired. They encounter the brother and sister from the morning's firebombing, who don't have anything useful information to offer them here either. As an end result, the pair is taken back to the precinct for questioning. Medavoy interviews Craig Rall, a man whose car was seen near the scene of Heather's death. Jones starts questioning the man who'd been calling Haywood's grandmother, who is initially in denial of the scam, but changes his story when he finds out that his victim's granddaughter is in the DA's office. He doesn't have all the money, since he's been using it to pay gambling debts, but will return what he has left. After questioning Rall and looking into the contents of his car and finding nothing there, it is decided to let him go. Laughlin returns to the squad, and decides to tell Sipowicz and Clark Jr. about a man he knew was hassling Heather. It turns out to be the man that Medavoy just released to the street, Craig Rall. With Rall's address in hand and annoyed with Laughlin's reluctance to come forward sooner, Sipowicz and Clark Jr. go after him. McDowell and Ortiz talk with the brother and find out that he's been getting into it with their stabbing victim, because he believed that his sister was rape by that man. They talk with the sister, who tells them that she let her brother believe that, as she didn't want him to know the truth. The girl is anxious to get home, as she knows that her father is about to return and since he won't know what the truth is, he make matters worse for the stabbing victim. Sipowicz and Clark Jr. arrive at Rall's apartment, and after a shot is fired and Rall is wounded they get him to tell them what went on (or rather didn't go on) between him and Heather. McDowell and Ortiz get back to the firebomb street in time to talk the girl's father out of doing additional harm to their stabbing victim. Haywood finds out what Jones did for her grandmother; for his effort she offers him dinner sometime. Sipowicz and Clark Jr. have a follow up conversation with Laughlin, telling him that he isn't any good for the job and he should think about getting out of police work in the next two days, otherwise they are going to get IAB involved in his relationship with Heather. Tony has dinner with Angela and they decide to take it slow. John finds his father at the usual bar/restaurant where he will eventually tell his father about the day's events with the uniforms and the auxiliary cop and how they were able to keep IAB out of it. John also finds out from the bartender that his father's been drinking there heavily every night. After a hard game of "Hungry, Hungry Hippo," Andy and Connie talk with Theo about the possibility of their moving in with Connie and the baby. Theo likes his bedroom just where it is, Andy figures it will just take a little time.moreless
  • Humpty Dumped

    Full Episode

    S 9 : Ep 11 - 2/5/02

    Ortiz gets word from a man that his wife and her husband are having an affair. The man has a copy of an e-mail that his wife and her husband may be rendezvousing later that afternoon. The detectives catch a homicide from the night watch. When Ortiz and McDowell begin question a potential witness, her mother comes along, tells them that her daughter knows nothing and takes her away. The detectives discuss strategy for their case. Sipowicz asks Clark Jr. and McDowell to continue working the case without him; he is going to spend some time working on "nailing this Beacham asshole". Jones and Medavoy are assigned to another homicide, while looking into the case, Jones tells Medavoy about Haywood's condition. Medavoy is a little put out; when he finds out that he wasn't the first to know. Sipowicz tells Beacham about his investigation into Beacham's dealing with Mrs. Hornby's money. McDowell, Clark Jr. and Ortiz have a witness that refuses to give anything up, fearing the recriminations of going against Tito. Some tension begins to mount between Jones and Medavoy. Haywood's mishandling of a case the previous week allowed their suspected gunman, Tito, to be free this week; upset with herself she leaves the squad, without Jones getting a chance to speak with her. Sipowicz interviews one of Beacham's bookkeepers, and he agrees to be a witness. Jones and Medavoy interview a drag queen as a possible suspect in their investigation, but she points to Palo. Clark Jr., McDowell and Ortiz go to bring Tito in for questioning, but when they collar him a friend of his says something in Spanish that causes Ortiz to turn around the slap the friend. The interview of Tito goes nowhere. Ortiz flies off the handle and McDowell confronts her on the way out, but Ortiz isn't listening. Her mind is elsewhere and she arrives at the hotel where her husband's rendezvous is supposed to take place and she catches him in the act. She tells him to be out of their home by morning. Sipowicz comes to Beacham's office to arrest him for grand larceny, fraud and embezzlement. Jones and Medavoy interview a woman who's in love with Palo; she can't give them Palo's location, but mentions the name of Palo's lawyer. They go to the lawyer's office and learn that Palo will be their soon. While waiting for Palo, Jones tries to clear things up with Medavoy. Clark Jr. and McDowell bring in the woman and her daughter and Haywood tries to reassure the mother about what will happen. The girl readily IDs Tito, but he's still not giving it up, feeling confident that no one in the neighborhood is going to back up the ID. Jones and Medavoy bring Palo in for an interview, he tells them he was there when she died, but that she killed herself. With the knife injuries she had, its doubtful that she was able to stab herself in the front and the back; but that is where this case is left. Ortiz returns back to the squad and tells McDowell about what was going on. Sipowicz also returns and finds out that Mrs. Hornby isn't going to sign the complaint. Another witness comes forward who will identify Tito and can give them the names of others who will also come forward. Sipowicz goes to Mrs. Hornby's apartment to advise her not to drop the complaint and she agrees. At Baldwin's apartment, Valerie arrives and they discuss the fate of their unborn child. They decide they are going to keep their baby; meanwhile Sipowicz delivers Mrs. Hornby back out into the real world.moreless
  • NYPD Lou

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 7 - 11/2/93

    A man thinks he is a werewolf and demands to be locked into a cell before he kills someone. Sipowicz discovers that his estranged son's future wife has been sleeping around. A homeless man is suspected in the death of a nine-year-old. Giardella is killed before he can testify and Laura is the only witness to the crime.moreless
  • The Watcher

    Full Episode

    S 2 : Ep 15 - 4/7/89

    Catherine and Vincent's second anniversary celebration is interrupted by an anonymous caller who lets her know that he's watching her and what's more he has seen Vincent. Not wanting to get the police involved, Catherine soon finds herself at the mercy of her own fear when she realizes "The Watcher" has been in her apartment.

  • Lofty Steele

    Full Episode

    S 3 : Ep 2 - 10/2/84

    Laura faces angry neighbors and threats against her life as someone tries to run her out of her loft apartment.