Joseph Castanon

Joseph Castanon


8/19/1997, Denver, Colorado

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Joseph Castanon


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Colorado native Castanon moved from Denver to L.A. in September 2004 following his discovery at a New York acting convention. He immediately booked two short films, a McDonalds commercial and co-starring appearances on TNT's ""Wanted" and NBC's "Crossing Jordan". In early 2005, Castanon guest starred on hit CBS…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Look out because Joseph Castanon may be a big name in the future. The best child actor right now.

    Joseph Castanon may not be a big name now but less then two years on TV and movies, he has done a lot. I may not have seen everything that Joe did but what I have seen him in makes he lives up too. I first saw Joseph in the Ghost Whisperer in episode The Crossing which was the shows second episode but that was the first episode that I saw and what makes me still watch the show today. In the episode of The Ghost Whisperer which was very sad, Joseph character Kenny was killed in a train accident and he tells Milinda everything up to the end. The ghost whisperer right now is still my favorite Joseph Castanon episode. The next show I saw Joseph in was NCIS in episode Honor Code which his character Zach Tanner whos dad goes missing after a ride in the park. This is anouther great Joe episode. It has him and Gibbs tring to find is farther. Which he finally does and has a great character in this episode.

    After that ive seen him in Shark where be plays a key witnees chacter Ethan who knows what have happened to his farhter and has the proof to put his dad away in jail. Which was a good episode and a great character.

    Ive seen him in the small part but very noticed in Jericho where he sees the explosion over the town. He is a great actor. Who knows if he makes it or not in the future when he gets order but for less then two years he has done so much and is doing many upcoming films, like Rodeo Girl, Plot 7, and two mini series Comanchie Moon and I hate my 30's.moreless